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1923 NFL Season Scores, Schedules and Playoffs

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Week 1
Sunday, September 30
BAA0 at CHC3 
CHI0 at RII3 
CMT6 at DAY7 
TOL7 at RAL7 
MIM0 at GNB12 
AKP7 at DLK10 
OOR2 at MIL13 
HAM0 at CAN17 
Week 2
Sunday, October 7
AKP0 at BAA9 
DAY0 at HAM7 
OOR0 at TOL7 
CHI3 at RAL0 
DLK10 at MIM0 
CLI0 at RII0 
CMT0 at MIL0 
SLA0 at GNB0 
ROC0 at CHC60 
LSB0 at CAN37 
Week 3
Sunday, October 14
DAY0 at CAN30 
AKP0 at CHC19 
OOR0 at MIM23 
HAM0 at SLA0 
ROC0 at RII56 
BAA3 at CMT0 
CHI3 at GNB0 
RAL7 at MIL7 
Week 4
Sunday, October 21
SLA0 at CLI6 
DAY3 at TOL6 
MIM0 at CHC9 
AKP7 at RAL9 
MIL0 at GNB12 
HAM0 at DLK3 
CAN6 at CHI0 
OOR0 at BAA57 
LSB0 at CMT34 
Week 5
Sunday, October 28
OOR0 at CLI27 
BAA3 at CHI18 
RAL24 at GNB3 
TOL0 at CMT3 
AKP3 at CAN7 
DAY3 at CHC13 
MIM0 at DLK9 
SLA0 at MIL6 
Week 6
Sunday, November 4
CAN7 at CHC3 
MIL14 at RII3 
RAL6 at MIM13 
GNB3 at SLA0 
CLI0 at BAA0 
OOR0 at CHI26 
Week 7
Sunday, November 11
TOL0 at CMT16 
DAY0 at CLI0 
GNB16 at RAL0 
RII6 at MIM6 
OOR7 at SLA14 
AKP6 at CHI20 
CAN3 at BAA3 
DLK3 at MIL6 
HAM0 at CHC6 
Week 8
Sunday, November 18
GNB10 at MIL7 
CMT3 at CLI9 
DLK0 at CHC10 
RII3 at CHI7 
DAY0 at BAA3 
OOR0 at CAN41 
Week 9
Saturday, November 24
MIL17 at SLA0 
TOL12 at ROC6 
Sunday, November 25
TOL3 at BAA3 
RAL10 at CHC4 
CAN46 at CLI10 
DLK0 at GNB10 
MIM6 at RII6 
HAM7 at CHI14 
OOR3 at CMT27 
Week 10
Thursday, November 29
HAM0 at GNB19 
TOL0 at CAN28 
CHC0 at CHI3 
MIL16 at RAL0 
BAA0 at AKP2 
Saturday, December 1
BAA13 at ROC0 
Sunday, December 2
MIL0 at CHI0 
BAA0 at CAN14 
DAY3 at CMT30 
OOR19 at CHC22 
MIM0 at RAL23 
Week 11
Sunday, December 9
RII7 at CHI29 
MIL14 at CHC12 
OOR12 at LSB0 
CAN10 at CMT0 
Week 12
Sunday, December 16
MIL7 at CHI7 

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