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FantasyDraft Daily Fantasy Review

By Josh Collacchi,

FantasyDraft was launched in November of 2014 in Charlotte, NC. The FantasyDraft team is made up of seasoned e-commerce business executives and former collegiate athletes led by co-founders Steve Krombolz and Tim Weisbrod. The mission of FantasyDraft is to put PlayersFirst by creating a fun and fair experience for all players on their site.

FantasyDraft has many current or retired professional athletes on the team, including retired NFL Ironman London Fletcher who you will see hosting weekly analysis videos and articles during the NFL season.

FantasyDraft's flexible roster building, unique contest offerings, industry leading customer service, an impressive referral program and a higher percentage of players cashing in their tournaments sets them apart from other daily fantasy sites.

Sports Offered

FantasyDraft offers games for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and PGA (coming early summer 2016).


NFL   QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, FLEX, DEF  ($100,000 Salary Cap)
MLB   P, P, IF, IF, IF, OF, OF, OF, UTIL, UTIL  ($100,000 Salary Cap)
NBA   G, G, G, F/C, F/C, F/C, UTIL, UTIL  ($100,000 Salary Cap)
NHL   C, C, W, W, D, UTIL, UTIL, Team Goalie
PGA   Coming Summer 2016

Game Offerings

Contests range from free to $215.


Winner Take All

Double Ups

Triple Ups


Tournaments (GPP – Guaranteed Prize Pool)



Exclusive Athlete Experience Contests

Bonuses and Promotions

Deposit Bonus – When you make your first deposit on FantasyDraft, you are eligible for a deposit bonus up to $600. This bonus is paid out at four percent rate per $1 paid in entry fees. For example, if you enter a $10.00 contest, you will earn $0.40 of your deposit bonus as FantasyCash. FantasyCash can be used to pay contest entry fees but cannot be withdrawn.


FantasyDraft accepts PayPal for deposit payments. ($10 Minimum Deposit)

FantasyCash Balance – FantasyCash can be earned in contests and can be used as a currency to enter contests. You cannot withdraw FantasyCash, but you can use it to enter any contest. Winnings from contests entered using FantasyCash are paid as real dollars and can be withdrawn at any time.

Six Degrees of Pay

FantasyDraft offers a unique referral program where up to six levels of pay are rewarded. For more information, click here.

Essentially, you can earn money from your referrals, and your referrals’ referrals!


Football (NFL)

Scoring for NFL games is divided into two categories, Offense and Defense. Please be sure to check the scoring rules for each contest because there could be some nuances like a lineup with no kickers. Note that negative yardage affects a player's score. For example, a player with -3 net rushing yards will score -0.3. Also note that all points scored while your DST is on the field (i.e. points vs. defense or special teams) will count as Points Allowed. Points scored against an offense (e.g. interception returned for a TD) do not count as DST Points Allowed.

Offense Defense
Passing Yard = 0.04 pts Sack = 1 pt
Passing TD = 4 pts Interception = 2 pts
Interceptions = -1 pt Interception Return TD = 6 pts
300+ Passing Yards = 3 pts Fumble Recovery = 2 pts
Rushing Yard = 0.1 pts Fumble Return TD = 6 pts
Rushing TD = 6 pts Kick/Punt Return TD = 6 pts
100+ Rushing Yards = 3 pts Blocked Kick = 2 pts
Receptions = 1 pt Blocked Punt/FG Return TD = 6 pts
Receiving Yard = 0.1 pts 2pt Defensive Score = 2 pts
Receiving TD = 6 pts Safety = 2 pts
100+ Receiving Yards = 3 pts 0 Pts Allowed = 10 pts
Kick/Punt Return TD = 6 pts 1-6 Pts Allowed = 7 pts
Fumble Lost = -1 pt 7-13 Pts Allowed = 4 pts
2pt Conversion Pass = 2 pts 14-20 Pts Allowed = 1 pt
2pt Conversion Score = 2 pts 21-27 Pts Allowed = 0 pts
  28-34 Pts Allowed = -1 pts
  35+ Pts Allowed = -4 pts

Baseball (MLB)

Scoring for Major League Baseball is divided into two categories — Hitters and Pitchers. Please be sure to review the scoring for each contest.

Hitters Pitchers
Run = 2 pts Win = 4 pts
Single = 3 pts Inning Pitched = 2.25 pts
Double = 5 pts Hits Against = -0.6 pts
Triple = 8 pts Earned Run Allowed = -2 pts
Home Run = 10 pts Walks Against = -0.6 pts
Run Batted In = 2 pts Hit Batsman = -0.6 pts
Walk = 2 pts Strikeout = 2 pts
Hit By Pitch = 2 pts No Hitter = 10 pts
Stolen Base = 5 pts Complete Game = 2.5 pts
Caught Stealing = -2 pts Shutout = 2.5 pts

Basketball (NBA)

Note: A player can have EITHER one double-double or one triple-double bonus in a game.

All Players
Point Scored = 1 pt
3-Point Basket = 0.5 pts
Assist = 1.5 pts
Rebound = 1.25 pts
Steal = 2 pts
Block = 2 pts
Turnover = -0.5 pts
Double-Double = 1.5 pts
Triple-Double = 3 pts

Hockey (NHL)

Scoring for NHL is divided into 2 categories – Skaters and Goalies. Please be sure to review the scoring for each contest.

Skaters Goalies
Goal = 10 pts Save = 1 pt
Assist = 5 pts 0 Goals Against = 20 pts
Shot = 1 pt 1 Goals Against = 12 pts
Blocked Shot = 1 pt 2 Goals Against = 8 pts
Short Handed Goal = 4 pts 3 Goals Against = 2 pts
Short Handed Assist = 2 pts 4 Goals Against = -2 pts
Penalty = -2 pts 5 Goals Against = -4 pts
Hat Trick = 5 pts 6 Goals Against = -8 pts

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