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Cleveland Browns All Time Leaders

Cleveland Browns (1950 - )
    Cleveland Browns [AAFC] (1946 - 1949)

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Team Leaders
Single SeasonCareer
Pass AttemptsPass Attempts
1.Brian Sipe5671981
2.Brian Sipe5541980
3.Brian Sipe5351979
4.Bernie Kosar5311986
5.Derek Anderson5272007
6.Bernie Kosar5131989
7.Brian Sipe4961983
8.Bernie Kosar4941991
9.Paul Mcdonald4931984
10.Tim Couch4542001
1.Brian Sipe3439
2.Bernie Kosar3150
3.Otto Graham2626
4.Frank Ryan1755
5.Tim Couch1714
6.Mike Phipps1317
7.Bill Nelsen1314
8.Milt Plum1083
9.Vinny Testaverde998
10.Derek Anderson927
Pass CompletionsPass Completions
1.Brian Sipe3371980
2.Brian Sipe3131981
3.Bernie Kosar3101986
4.Bernie Kosar3071991
5.Bernie Kosar3031989
6.Derek Anderson2982007
7.Brian Sipe2911983
8.Brian Sipe2861979
9.Tim Couch2732002
10.Tim Couch2722001
1.Brian Sipe1944
2.Bernie Kosar1853
3.Otto Graham1464
4.Tim Couch1025
5.Frank Ryan907
6.Bill Nelsen689
7.Mike Phipps633
8.Milt Plum627
9.Vinny Testaverde578
10.Derek Anderson506
Pass YardsPass Yards
1.Brian Sipe41321980
2.Brian Sipe38761981
3.Bernie Kosar38541986
4.Brian Sipe37931979
5.Derek Anderson37872007
6.Brian Sipe35661983
7.Bernie Kosar35331989
8.Bernie Kosar34871991
9.Paul Mcdonald34721984
10.Tim Couch30402001
1.Brian Sipe23713
2.Otto Graham23584
3.Bernie Kosar21904
4.Frank Ryan13361
5.Tim Couch11131
6.Bill Nelsen9725
7.Milt Plum8914
8.Mike Phipps7700
9.Vinny Testaverde7255
10.Derek Anderson6195
Pass TouchdownsPass Touchdowns
1.Brian Sipe301980
2.Frank Ryan291966
Derek Anderson292007
4.Brian Sipe281979
5.Brian Sipe261983
6.Frank Ryan251963
Frank Ryan251964
Otto Graham251947
Otto Graham251948
10.Bill Nelsen231969
1.Otto Graham174
2.Brian Sipe154
3.Frank Ryan134
4.Bernie Kosar116
5.Bill Nelsen71
6.Milt Plum66
7.Tim Couch64
8.Vinny Testaverde47
9.Derek Anderson43
10.Mike Phipps40
Pass InterceptionsPass Interceptions
1.Brian Sipe261979
2.Brian Sipe251981
3.Otto Graham241952
4.Paul Mcdonald231984
Bill Nelsen231971
Brian Sipe231983
7.Tim Couch212001
8.Mike Phipps201973
Otto Graham201950
10.Bill Nelsen191969
Mike Phipps191975
Frank Ryan191964
Derek Anderson192007
1.Brian Sipe149
2.Otto Graham135
3.Frank Ryan88
4.Mike Phipps81
Bernie Kosar81
6.Bill Nelsen71
7.Tim Couch67
8.Milt Plum39
9.Vinny Testaverde37
Paul Mcdonald37
Pass SackedPass Sacked
1.Tim Couch561999
2.Paul Mcdonald531984
3.Tim Couch512001
4.Charlie Frye442006
Mike Phipps441973
6.Brian Sipe431979
7.Bernie Kosar411991
8.Bernie Kosar391986
9.Frank Ryan381967
10.Bernie Kosar371990
1.Bernie Kosar259
2.Brian Sipe224
3.Tim Couch166
4.Frank Ryan146
5.Mike Phipps136
6.Paul Mcdonald78
7.Charlie Frye71
8.Bill Nelsen61
9.Vinny Testaverde46
10.Derek Anderson36
Passer RatingPasser Rating
1.Otto Graham112.11946
2.Milt Plum110.41960
3.Otto Graham109.21947
4.Otto Graham99.71953
5.Otto Graham97.51949
6.Kelly Holcomb96.82004
7.Bernie Kosar95.41987
8.Otto Graham94.01955
9.Tommy O'connell93.31957
10.Kelly Holcomb92.92002
Derek Anderson0.0
Tim Couch0.0
Trent Dilfer0.0
Charlie Frye0.0
Jeff Garcia0.0
Otto Graham0.0
Kelly Holcomb0.0
Bernie Kosar0.0
Paul Mcdonald0.0
Bill Nelsen0.0
Jim Ninowski0.0
Mike Pagel0.0
Mike Phipps0.0
Milt Plum0.0
Frank Ryan0.0
Brian Sipe0.0
Vinny Testaverde0.0
Rush AttemptsRush Attempts
1.Reuben Droughns3092005
2.Jim Brown3051961
3.Jamal Lewis2982007
4.Mike Pruitt2931983
5.Jim Brown2911963
6.Jim Brown2901959
7.Jim Brown2891965
8.Jim Brown2801964
9.Jamal Lewis2792008
10.Mike Pruitt2641979
1.Jim Brown2359
2.Leroy Kelly1727
3.Mike Pruitt1593
4.Kevin Mack1291
5.Greg Pruitt1158
6.Earnest Byner862
7.Marion Motley826
8.Ernie Green668
9.Eric Metcalf592
10.Jamal Lewis577
Rush YardsRush Yards
1.Jim Brown18631963
2.Jim Brown15441965
3.Jim Brown15271958
4.Jim Brown14461964
5.Jim Brown14081961
6.Jim Brown13291959
7.Jamal Lewis13042007
8.Mike Pruitt12941979
9.Jim Brown12571960
10.Leroy Kelly12391968
1.Jim Brown12312
2.Leroy Kelly7274
3.Mike Pruitt6540
4.Greg Pruitt5496
5.Kevin Mack5123
6.Marion Motley4712
7.Dave Logan4247
8.Earnest Byner3364
9.Ernie Green3204
10.Jamal Lewis2306
Rushing TouchdownsRushing Touchdowns
1.Jim Brown171958
Jim Brown171965
3.Leroy Kelly161968
4.Leroy Kelly151966
5.Jim Brown141959
6.Jim Brown131962
7.Jim Brown121963
8.Leroy Kelly111967
9.Leroy Kelly101971
Kevin Mack101986
Mike Pruitt101983
1.Jim Brown106
2.Leroy Kelly74
3.Mike Pruitt47
4.Kevin Mack46
5.Otto Graham44
6.Marion Motley31
7.Earnest Byner27
8.Greg Pruitt25
9.Dave Logan24
10.Dub Jones22
1.Ozzie Newsome891983
Ozzie Newsome891984
Kellen Winslow892006
4.Kevin Johnson842001
5.Kellen Winslow822007
6.Braylon Edwards802007
7.Antonio Bryant692005
Ozzie Newsome691981
9.Kevin Johnson672002
Mac Speedie671947
1.Ozzie Newsome662
2.Dante Lavelli386
3.Mac Speedie349
4.Gary Collins331
5.Greg Pruitt323
6.Brian Brennan315
Kevin Johnson315
8.Reggie Rucker310
9.Webster Slaughter305
10.Eric Metcalf297
Receiving YardsReceiving Yards
1.Braylon Edwards12892007
2.Webster Slaughter12361989
3.Mac Speedie11461947
4.Kellen Winslow11062007
5.Kevin Johnson10972001
6.Paul Warfield10671968
7.Mac Speedie10281949
8.Antonio Bryant10092005
9.Ozzie Newsome10021981
10.Ozzie Newsome10011984
1.Ozzie Newsome7980
2.Dante Lavelli6488
3.Mac Speedie5602
4.Ray Renfro5508
5.Gary Collins5299
6.Paul Warfield5210
7.Reggie Rucker4953
8.Webster Slaughter4834
9.Milt Morin4208
10.Brian Brennan4148
Receiving TouchdownsReceiving Touchdowns
1.Braylon Edwards162007
2.Gary Collins131963
3.Gary Collins121966
Paul Warfield121968
5.Gary Collins111969
6.Gary Collins101965
Paul Warfield101969
8.Paul Warfield91964
Leroy Hoard91991
Kevin Johnson92001
Michael Jackson91995
Dante Lavelli91947
Ozzie Newsome91979
1.Gary Collins70
2.Dante Lavelli62
3.Paul Warfield52
4.Ray Renfro50
5.Ozzie Newsome47
6.Mac Speedie33
7.Reggie Rucker32
8.Michael Jackson28
Braylon Edwards28
10.Webster Slaughter27
Def InterceptionsDef Interceptions
1.Tommy Colella101946
Thom Darden101978
Anthony Henry102001
4.Tommy James91950
Cliff Lewis91948
Eric Turner91994
Felix Wright91989
8.Jim Shofner81960
Warren Lahr81950
Mike Howell81966
Ross Fichtner81966
Bobby Franklin81960
Thom Darden81974
Ben Davis81968
1.Thom Darden45
2.Warren Lahr44
3.Clarence Scott39
4.Tommy James34
5.Kenny Konz30
Cliff Lewis30
7.Bernie Parrish29
8.Mike Howell27
Ross Fichtner27
10.Hanford Dixon26
Felix Wright26
Punt ReturnsPunt Returns
1.Gerald Mcneil491989
2.Eric Metcalf441992
3.Gerald Mcneil401986
4.Dino Hall391983
5.Gerald Mcneil381988
6.Keith Wright371978
7.Eric Metcalf361993
Dennis Northcutt362003
Dennis Northcutt362004
10.Eric Metcalf351994
Sean Jones352005
1.Dennis Northcutt167
2.Gerald Mcneil161
3.Eric Metcalf127
4.Dino Hall111
5.Leroy Kelly94
6.Joshua Cribbs92
7.Keith Wright78
8.Cliff Lewis77
9.Kenny Konz68
10.Billy Reynolds67
Punt Ret TDPunt Ret TD
1.Leroy Kelly21965
Dennis Northcutt22002
Eric Metcalf21993
Eric Metcalf21994
5.Don Paul11955
Ken Carpenter11952
Gerald Mcneil11986
Leroy Kelly11964
Eric Metcalf11992
Bobby Mitchell11958
Bobby Mitchell11959
Bobby Mitchell11961
Kenny Konz11956
Don Phelps11950
Sean Jones12005
Joshua Cribbs12007
Mark Carrier11993
Tommy Colella11947
Derrick Alexander11995
Brian Brennan11985
Ben Davis11967
1.Eric Metcalf5
2.Bobby Mitchell3
Leroy Kelly3
4.Dennis Northcutt2
5.Don Paul1
Gerald Mcneil1
Ken Carpenter1
Don Phelps1
Sean Jones1
Joshua Cribbs1
Tommy Colella1
Kenny Konz1
Derrick Alexander1
Brian Brennan1
Mark Carrier1
Ben Davis1
Kickoff ReturnsKickoff Returns
1.Joshua Cribbs612006
2.Joshua Cribbs592007
3.Eric Metcalf521990
4.Andre' Davis502002
Dino Hall501979
6.Gerald Mcneil471986
7.Richard Alston462004
8.Reuben Droughns452005
9.Joshua Cribbs442008
Ronnie Powell441999
1.Joshua Cribbs164
2.Dino Hall151
3.Eric Metcalf139
4.Andre' Davis88
5.Randy Baldwin82
6.Leroy Kelly76
7.Gerald Mcneil64
8.Bobby Mitchell62
Walt Roberts62
10.Billy LeFear60
Kickoff Ret TDKickoff Ret TD
1.Joshua Cribbs22007
Eric Metcalf21990
3.Gerald Mcneil11986
Edgar Jones11946
Bobby Mitchell11958
Joshua Cribbs12006
Joshua Cribbs12008
Andre' Davis12002
Richard Alston12004
Randy Baldwin11994
Le roy Bolden11958
Reuben Droughns12005
Homer Jones11970
Bobby Mitchell11960
Bobby Mitchell11961
Greg Pruitt11974
1.Joshua Cribbs4
2.Bobby Mitchell3
3.Eric Metcalf2
4.Andre' Davis1
Richard Alston1
Randy Baldwin1
Edgar Jones1
Homer Jones1
Le roy Bolden1
Reuben Droughns1
Gerald Mcneil1
Greg Pruitt1
1.Chris Gardocki1082000
2.Chris Gardocki1061999
3.Chris Gardocki992001
4.Bryan Wagner971989
5.Don Cockroft901974
6.Derrick Frost852004
7.Jeff Gossett831986
8.Brian Hansen821993
Don Cockroft821975
Don Cockroft821973
1.Don Cockroft651
2.Horace Gillom492
3.Chris Gardocki466
4.Gary Collins336
5.Jeff Gossett253
6.Brian Hansen236
7.Johnny Evans214
8.Dave Zastudil205
9.Steve Cox190
10.Bryan Wagner171
Field Goal AttemptsField Goal Attempts
1.Phil Dawson362008
2.Lou Groza331964
Matt Stover331995
Lou Groza331952
5.Matt Bahr321984
6.Don Cockroft311973
Lou Groza311962
8.Phil Dawson302007
9.Phil Dawson292004
Phil Dawson292005
Phil Dawson292006
Matt Stover291992
Matt Bahr291988
Don Cockroft291979
1.Lou Groza405
2.Don Cockroft328
3.Phil Dawson256
4.Matt Bahr193
5.Matt Stover134
6.Jeff Jaeger22
7.Sam Baker20
Jerry Kauric20
9.Dave Jacobs12
10.Brett Conway7
Mark Moseley7
Field Goals MadeField Goals Made
1.Phil Dawson302008
2.Matt Stover291995
3.Phil Dawson272005
4.Phil Dawson262007
Matt Stover261994
6.Matt Bahr241984
Matt Bahr241988
Phil Dawson242004
9.Lou Groza231953
10.Lou Groza221964
Phil Dawson222001
Phil Dawson222002
Don Cockroft221972
Don Cockroft221973
1.Lou Groza234
2.Don Cockroft216
3.Phil Dawson212
4.Matt Bahr143
5.Matt Stover108
6.Jeff Jaeger14
Jerry Kauric14
8.Sam Baker12
9.Mark Moseley6
10.Brett Conway5

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