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Indianapolis Colts All Time Leaders

Indianapolis Colts (1984 - )
    Baltimore Colts [NFL] (1953 - 1983)
    Baltimore Colts [AAFC] (1947 - 1949)
    Miami Seahawks [AAFC] (1946 - 1946)

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Team Leaders
Single SeasonCareer
Pass AttemptsPass Attempts
1.Peyton Manning5912002
2.Peyton Manning5751998
3.Peyton Manning5712000
4.Peyton Manning5662003
5.Peyton Manning5572006
6.Peyton Manning5552008
7.Peyton Manning5472001
8.Peyton Manning5331999
9.Peyton Manning5152007
10.Peyton Manning4972004
1.Peyton Manning5960
2.Johnny Unitas5110
3.Bert Jones2464
4.Jack Trudeau1536
5.Jeff George1532
6.Jim Harbaugh1230
7.Mike Pagel1154
8.Y.A. Tittle893
9.Earl Morrall676
10.Marty Domres576
Pass CompletionsPass Completions
1.Peyton Manning3922002
2.Peyton Manning3792003
3.Peyton Manning3712008
4.Peyton Manning3622006
5.Peyton Manning3572000
6.Peyton Manning3432001
7.Peyton Manning3372007
8.Peyton Manning3362004
9.Peyton Manning3311999
10.Peyton Manning3261998
1.Peyton Manning3839
2.Johnny Unitas2796
3.Bert Jones1382
4.Jeff George874
5.Jack Trudeau812
6.Jim Harbaugh746
7.Mike Pagel587
8.Y.A. Tittle470
9.Earl Morrall363
10.Greg Landry308
Pass YardsPass Yards
1.Peyton Manning45572004
2.Peyton Manning44132000
3.Peyton Manning43972006
4.Peyton Manning42672003
5.Peyton Manning42002002
6.Peyton Manning41351999
7.Peyton Manning41312001
8.Peyton Manning40402007
9.Peyton Manning40022008
10.Peyton Manning37472005
1.Peyton Manning45628
2.Johnny Unitas39768
3.Bert Jones17663
4.Jack Trudeau9647
5.Jeff George9551
6.Jim Harbaugh8705
7.Mike Pagel7474
8.Y.A. Tittle6615
9.Earl Morrall5666
10.Marty Domres3471
Pass TouchdownsPass Touchdowns
1.Peyton Manning492004
2.Peyton Manning332000
3.Johnny Unitas321959
4.Peyton Manning312006
Peyton Manning312007
6.Peyton Manning292003
7.Peyton Manning282005
8.Peyton Manning272002
Peyton Manning272008
10.Peyton Manning261998
Peyton Manning261999
Peyton Manning262001
Earl Morrall261968
1.Peyton Manning333
2.Johnny Unitas287
3.Bert Jones122
4.Jim Harbaugh49
5.Earl Morrall47
6.Jeff George41
Jack Trudeau41
8.Mike Pagel39
9.Y.A. Tittle38
10.Gary Hogeboom22
Pass InterceptionsPass Interceptions
1.Peyton Manning281998
2.Johnny Unitas241960
Johnny Unitas241961
Johnny Unitas241966
5.Johnny Unitas231962
Peyton Manning232001
7.Bill Troup211978
Bert Jones211980
9.Bert Jones201981
Wilson Schwenk201947
Johnny Unitas201969
1.Johnny Unitas246
2.Peyton Manning165
3.Bert Jones97
4.Jack Trudeau62
5.Mike Pagel47
6.Y.A. Tittle46
Jeff George46
8.Earl Morrall40
9.George Shaw31
Marty Domres31
Pass SackedPass Sacked
1.Jeff George561991
2.Greg Landry421979
Johnny Unitas421963
4.Jim Harbaugh411997
5.Mike Pagel401983
6.Bert Jones381975
7.Jeff George371990
Johnny Unitas371964
9.Jim Harbaugh361995
Jim Harbaugh361996
Bert Jones361974
1.Bert Jones224
2.Johnny Unitas216
3.Peyton Manning205
4.Jeff George146
5.Jim Harbaugh130
6.Mike Pagel109
7.Jack Trudeau92
8.Earl Morrall56
9.Greg Landry49
10.Marty Domres42
Passer RatingPasser Rating
1.Peyton Manning121.12004
2.Peyton Manning104.12005
3.Bert Jones102.51976
4.Peyton Manning101.02006
5.Jim Harbaugh100.71995
6.Peyton Manning99.02003
7.Peyton Manning98.02007
8.Earl Morrall97.61970
9.Johnny Unitas97.41965
10.Johnny Unitas96.41964
Chris Chandler0.0
Marty Domres0.0
Jeff George0.0
Jim Harbaugh0.0
Gary Hogeboom0.0
Bert Jones0.0
Paul Justin0.0
Greg Landry0.0
Peyton Manning0.0
Earl Morrall0.0
Mike Pagel0.0
Wilson Schwenk0.0
George Shaw0.0
Y.A. Tittle0.0
Bill Troup0.0
Jack Trudeau0.0
Johnny Unitas0.0
Rush AttemptsRush Attempts
1.Eric Dickerson3881988
2.Edgerrin James3872000
3.Edgerrin James3691999
4.Edgerrin James3602005
5.Edgerrin James3342004
6.Marshall Faulk3241998
7.Marshall Faulk3141994
Eric Dickerson3141989
9.Edgerrin James3102003
10.Lydell Mitchell3011977
1.Edgerrin James2188
2.Lydell Mitchell1391
3.Marshall Faulk1389
4.Eric Dickerson1258
5.Tom Matte1200
6.Lenny Moore1069
7.Randy Mcmillan990
8.Alan Ameche964
9.Curtis Dickey800
10.Don McCauley770
Rush YardsRush Yards
1.Edgerrin James17092000
2.Eric Dickerson16591988
3.Edgerrin James15531999
4.Edgerrin James15482004
5.Edgerrin James15062005
6.Marshall Faulk13191998
7.Eric Dickerson13111989
8.Marshall Faulk12821994
9.Edgerrin James12592003
10.Lydell Mitchell12001976
1.Edgerrin James9226
2.Lydell Mitchell5487
3.Marshall Faulk5320
4.Eric Dickerson5194
5.Lenny Moore5174
6.Tom Matte4646
7.Alan Ameche4045
8.Randy Mcmillan3876
9.Curtis Dickey3490
10.Dominic Rhodes2812
Rushing TouchdownsRushing Touchdowns
1.Lenny Moore161964
2.Eric Dickerson141988
3.Edgerrin James131999
Edgerrin James132000
Edgerrin James132005
6.Joseph Addai122007
7.Curtis Dickey111980
Marshall Faulk111994
Marshall Faulk111995
Lydell Mitchell111975
Tom Matte111969
Edgerrin James112003
1.Edgerrin James64
2.Lenny Moore63
3.Tom Matte45
4.Marshall Faulk42
5.Alan Ameche40
Don McCauley40
7.Eric Dickerson32
8.Lydell Mitchell27
9.Curtis Dickey26
10.Dominic Rhodes25
1.Marvin Harrison1432002
2.Marvin Harrison1151999
3.Marvin Harrison1092001
4.Reggie Wayne1042007
5.Marvin Harrison1022000
6.Marvin Harrison952006
7.Marvin Harrison942003
8.Marvin Harrison862004
Marshall Faulk861998
Reggie Wayne862006
1.Marvin Harrison1102
2.Raymond Berry631
3.Reggie Wayne576
4.Bill Brooks411
5.Lenny Moore363
6.Edgerrin James356
7.Don McCauley333
8.John Mackey320
9.Jimmy Orr303
10.Lydell Mitchell298
Receiving YardsReceiving Yards
1.Marvin Harrison17222002
2.Marvin Harrison16631999
3.Marvin Harrison15242001
4.Reggie Wayne15102007
5.Marvin Harrison14132000
6.Marvin Harrison13662006
7.Reggie Wayne13102006
8.Raymond Berry12981960
9.Marvin Harrison12722003
10.Reggie Wayne12102004
1.Marvin Harrison14580
2.Raymond Berry9275
3.Reggie Wayne8129
4.Lenny Moore6039
5.Jimmy Orr5859
6.Bill Brooks5818
7.John Mackey5126
8.Roger Carr4770
9.Jim Mutscheller3684
10.Glenn Doughty3547
Receiving TouchdownsReceiving Touchdowns
1.Marvin Harrison152004
Marvin Harrison152001
3.Marvin Harrison142000
Raymond Berry141959
5.Marvin Harrison122005
Marvin Harrison122006
Marvin Harrison121999
Reggie Wayne122004
9.Marvin Harrison112002
Dallas Clark112007
Roger Carr111976
Jimmy Orr111962
1.Marvin Harrison128
2.Raymond Berry68
3.Reggie Wayne53
4.Jimmy Orr50
5.Lenny Moore48
6.Jim Mutscheller40
7.John Mackey38
8.Marcus Pollard35
9.Dallas Clark31
10.Roger Carr29
Def InterceptionsDef Interceptions
1.Tom Keane111953
2.Lyle Blackwood101977
Milt Davis101957
4.Bobby Boyd91964
Bobby Boyd91965
6.Ray Brown81958
Ray Buchanan81994
Eugene Daniel81985
Bobby Boyd81968
Archie Maggioli81950
Andy Nelson81958
Charlie Stukes81971
Stan White81975
1.Bobby Boyd57
2.Don Shinnick37
3.Eugene Daniel35
4.Jerry Logan34
5.Andy Nelson32
6.Rick Volk31
7.Mike Prior27
Milt Davis27
9.Stan White25
10.Bert Rechichar24
Punt ReturnsPunt Returns
1.Nesby Glasgow441979
2.Dewell Brewer421994
3.Alvin Haymond411965
Terrence Wilkins411999
5.Alvin Haymond401966
Robbie Martin401985
7.Howard Stevens391976
8.Howard Stevens361975
9.Troy Walters352002
10.Howard Stevens341977
Bruce Laird341972
1.Clarence Verdin155
2.Terrence Wilkins119
3.Carl Taseff112
4.Howard Stevens109
5.Alvin Haymond108
6.Rick Volk84
7.Nesby Glasgow79
8.Bert Rechichar71
9.Jerry Logan63
10.Bruce Laird60
Punt Ret TDPunt Ret TD
1.Clarence Verdin21992
2.Jerry Logan11967
Terrence Wilkins12006
Ron Gardin11970
Herb Rich11950
Clarence Verdin11988
Clarence Verdin11989
Carl Taseff11953
Terrence Wilkins11999
Terrence Wilkins12001
Dewell Brewer11994
Nesby Glasgow11979
Robbie Martin11985
T.J. Rushing12007
Bob Pfohl11948
Carl Taseff11956
1.Clarence Verdin4
2.Terrence Wilkins3
3.Carl Taseff2
4.Ron Gardin1
Jerry Logan1
T.J. Rushing1
Bob Pfohl1
Herb Rich1
Nesby Glasgow1
Dewell Brewer1
Robbie Martin1
Kickoff ReturnsKickoff Returns
1.Aaron Bailey551997
2.Terrence Wilkins522006
3.Nesby Glasgow501979
4.Dominic Rhodes482004
5.Aaron Bailey431996
6.Ran Carthon412005
Marshall Johnson411978
8.Albert Bentley391988
9.Zachary Dixon361981
10.Ronald Humphrey351994
1.Aaron Bailey153
2.Albert Bentley148
3.Bruce Laird137
4.Nesby Glasgow84
5.Dominic Rhodes78
6.Larry Anderson67
7.Tom Matte62
8.Ronald Humphrey56
9.Robbie Martin53
10.Terrence Wilkins52
Kickoff Ret TDKickoff Ret TD
1.Preston Pearson21968
Lenny Lyles21958
3.Dominic Rhodes12004
Phil Smith11984
Johnny Sample11960
Cotton Speyrer11973
Lenny Moore11957
Billy Hillenbrand11947
Don McCauley11972
Aaron Bailey11995
Aaron Bailey11996
Jim Duncan11969
Jim Duncan11970
Ronald Humphrey11994
Adam Walker11953
Dominic Rhodes12001
1.Aaron Bailey2
Jim Duncan2
Lenny Lyles2
Preston Pearson2
Dominic Rhodes2
6.Billy Hillenbrand1
Don McCauley1
Johnny Sample1
Cotton Speyrer1
Adam Walker1
Phil Smith1
Lenny Moore1
Ronald Humphrey1
1.Bucky Dilts991979
2.Rohn Stark981984
3.David Lee921978
4.Rohn Stark911983
5.David Lee861975
6.Rohn Stark831992
Rohn Stark831993
8.Rohn Stark821991
David Lee821977
Mike Bragg821980
1.Rohn Stark985
2.David Lee838
3.Hunter Smith577
4.Chris Gardocki277
5.Tom Gilburg232
6.Cotton Davidson119
7.Bucky Dilts99
8.Ray Brown95
9.Charlie O'rourke94
10.Mike Bragg82
Field Goal AttemptsField Goal Attempts
1.Cary Blanchard411997
2.Cary Blanchard401996
3.Jim Martin391963
Steve Myhra391961
Lou Michaels391966
6.Mike Vanderjagt381999
7.Lou Michaels371967
Mike Vanderjagt372003
9.Lou Michaels351964
Raul Allegre351983
1.Dean Biasucci250
2.Mike Vanderjagt248
3.Lou Michaels198
4.Toni Linhart116
5.Cary Blanchard105
6.Jim O'brien94
7.Steve Myhra91
8.Adam Vinatieri82
9.Bert Rechichar81
10.Raul Allegre79
Field Goals MadeField Goals Made
1.Mike Vanderjagt372003
2.Cary Blanchard361996
3.Mike Vanderjagt341999
4.Cary Blanchard321997
5.Raul Allegre301983
6.Mike Vanderjagt282001
7.Mike Vanderjagt271998
8.Dean Biasucci261993
9.Dean Biasucci251988
Mike Vanderjagt252000
Adam Vinatieri252006
1.Mike Vanderjagt217
2.Dean Biasucci176
3.Lou Michaels107
4.Cary Blanchard87
5.Toni Linhart70
6.Adam Vinatieri68
7.Raul Allegre57
8.Jim O'brien52
9.Steve Myhra44
10.Bert Rechichar28

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