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Kansas City Chiefs All Time Leaders

Kansas City Chiefs (1970 - )
    Kansas City Chiefs [AFL] (1963 - 1969)
    Dallas Texans [AFL] (1960 - 1962)

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Team Leaders
Single SeasonCareer
Pass AttemptsPass Attempts
1.Bill Kenney6031983
2.Trent Green5562004
3.Elvis Grbac5472000
4.Trent Green5232001
Trent Green5232003
6.Steve Bono5201995
7.Trent Green5072005
8.Elvis Grbac4991999
9.Joe Montana4931994
10.Trent Green4702002
1.Len Dawson3696
2.Trent Green2777
3.Bill Kenney2430
4.Mike Livingston1751
5.Steve DeBerg1616
6.Elvis Grbac1548
7.Steve Bono1075
8.Steve Fuller817
9.Joe Montana791
10.Todd Blackledge742
Pass CompletionsPass Completions
1.Trent Green3692004
2.Bill Kenney3461983
3.Trent Green3302003
4.Elvis Grbac3262000
5.Trent Green3172005
6.Joe Montana2991994
7.Trent Green2962001
8.Elvis Grbac2941999
9.Steve Bono2931995
10.Trent Green2872002
1.Len Dawson2115
2.Trent Green1720
3.Bill Kenney1330
4.Steve DeBerg934
5.Mike Livingston912
6.Elvis Grbac897
7.Steve Bono594
8.Joe Montana480
9.Steve Fuller465
10.Rich Gannon365
Pass YardsPass Yards
1.Trent Green45912004
2.Bill Kenney43481983
3.Elvis Grbac41692000
4.Trent Green40392003
5.Trent Green40142005
6.Trent Green37832001
7.Trent Green36902002
8.Steve DeBerg34441990
9.Elvis Grbac33891999
10.Joe Montana32831994
1.Len Dawson28507
2.Trent Green21459
3.Bill Kenney17277
4.Steve DeBerg11873
5.Mike Livingston11295
6.Elvis Grbac10643
7.Steve Bono6489
8.Joe Montana5427
9.Steve Fuller5333
10.Cotton Davidson4919
Pass TouchdownsPass Touchdowns
1.Len Dawson301964
2.Len Dawson291962
3.Elvis Grbac282000
4.Trent Green272004
5.Len Dawson261966
Len Dawson261963
Trent Green262002
8.Len Dawson241967
Trent Green242003
Bill Kenney241983
1.Len Dawson237
2.Trent Green118
3.Bill Kenney105
4.Steve DeBerg67
5.Elvis Grbac66
6.Mike Livingston56
7.Steve Bono37
8.Cotton Davidson32
9.Joe Montana29
10.Todd Blackledge26
Pass InterceptionsPass Interceptions
1.Trent Green242001
2.Cotton Davidson231961
3.Len Dawson191963
4.Len Dawson181964
Bill Kenney181983
6.Len Dawson171967
Len Dawson171962
Trent Green172004
9.Cotton Davidson161960
Steve DeBerg161988
Steve DeBerg161989
Bill Kenney161981
1.Len Dawson178
2.Bill Kenney86
3.Trent Green85
4.Mike Livingston83
5.Steve DeBerg50
6.Elvis Grbac47
7.Cotton Davidson39
8.Steve Fuller32
Todd Blackledge32
10.Steve Bono27
Pass SackedPass Sacked
1.Steve Fuller491980
2.Dave Krieg481992
3.Bill Kenney411983
4.Trent Green392001
5.Steve Fuller371979
6.Damon Huard362007
7.Len Dawson341970
8.Trent Green322004
Trent Green322005
10.Mike Livingston311976
1.Bill Kenney195
2.Trent Green173
3.Len Dawson167
4.Mike Livingston152
5.Steve Fuller120
6.Steve DeBerg85
Elvis Grbac85
8.Dave Krieg70
9.Todd Blackledge65
10.Damon Huard52
Passer RatingPasser Rating
1.Len Dawson101.71966
2.Len Dawson98.61968
3.Len Dawson98.31962
4.Damon Huard98.02006
5.Steve DeBerg96.31990
6.Trent Green95.22004
7.Trent Green92.62002
8.Trent Green92.62003
9.Rich Gannon92.41996
10.Trent Green90.12005
Todd Blackledge0.0
Len Dawson0.0
Rich Gannon0.0
Elvis Grbac0.0
Steve Bono0.0
Steve DeBerg0.0
Dave Krieg0.0
Bill Kenney0.0
Joe Montana0.0
Mike Livingston0.0
Tony Adams0.0
Pete Beathard0.0
Cotton Davidson0.0
Steve Fuller0.0
Trent Green0.0
Damon Huard0.0
Rush AttemptsRush Attempts
1.Larry Johnson4162006
2.Christian Okoye3701989
3.Larry Johnson3362005
4.Priest Holmes3272001
5.Priest Holmes3202003
6.Priest Holmes3132002
7.Christian Okoye2451990
8.Mike Garrett2361967
9.Joe Delaney2341981
10.Christian Okoye2251991
1.Priest Holmes1321
2.Christian Okoye1246
3.Ed Podolak1157
4.Larry Johnson1050
5.Marcus Allen932
6.Abner Haynes794
7.Curtis McClinton762
8.Mike Garrett736
9.Wendell Hayes668
10.Herman Heard651
Rush YardsRush Yards
1.Larry Johnson17892006
2.Larry Johnson17502005
3.Priest Holmes16152002
4.Priest Holmes15552001
5.Christian Okoye14801989
6.Priest Holmes14202003
7.Joe Delaney11211981
8.Mike Garrett10871967
9.Tony Reed10531978
10.Abner Haynes10491962
1.Priest Holmes6070
2.Christian Okoye4897
3.Larry Johnson4764
4.Ed Podolak4451
5.Abner Haynes3814
6.Marcus Allen3698
7.Mike Garrett3246
8.Curtis McClinton3124
9.Herman Heard2694
10.Wendell Hayes2560
Rushing TouchdownsRushing Touchdowns
1.Priest Holmes272003
2.Priest Holmes212002
3.Larry Johnson202005
4.Larry Johnson172006
5.Priest Holmes142004
6.Abner Haynes131962
7.Marcus Allen121993
Christian Okoye121989
9.Marcus Allen111997
10.Billy Jackson101981
1.Priest Holmes76
2.Larry Johnson50
3.Marcus Allen44
4.Christian Okoye40
5.Abner Haynes39
6.Ed Podolak34
7.Mike Garrett24
8.Ted Mcknight22
9.Wendell Hayes18
Curtis McClinton18
1.Tony Gonzalez1022004
2.Tony Gonzalez992007
3.Tony Gonzalez932000
4.Carlos Carson801983
5.Derrick Alexander782000
Tony Gonzalez782005
7.Tony Gonzalez761999
8.Priest Holmes742003
9.Tony Gonzalez732006
Tony Gonzalez732001
1.Tony Gonzalez820
2.Henry Marshall416
3.Otis Taylor410
4.Chris Burford391
5.Stephone Paige377
6.Kimble Anders369
7.Carlos Carson352
8.Eddie Kennison321
9.Ed Podolak288
10.Priest Holmes251
Receiving YardsReceiving Yards
1.Derrick Alexander13912000
2.Carlos Carson13511983
3.Otis Taylor12971966
4.Tony Gonzalez12582004
5.Tony Gonzalez12032000
6.Tony Gonzalez11722007
7.Otis Taylor11101971
8.Eddie Kennison11022005
9.Andre Rison10921997
10.Eddie Kennison10862004
1.Tony Gonzalez9882
2.Otis Taylor7306
3.Henry Marshall6545
4.Carlos Carson6360
5.Stephone Paige6341
6.Chris Burford5505
7.Eddie Kennison5230
8.Derrick Alexander3685
9.Fred Arbanas3101
10.Willie Davis3014
Receiving TouchdownsReceiving Touchdowns
1.Chris Burford121962
2.Tony Gonzalez111999
Stephone Paige111986
Otis Taylor111967
5.Derrick Alexander102000
Tony Gonzalez102003
Stephone Paige101985
8.Chris Burford91963
Tony Gonzalez92000
Frank Jackson91964
1.Tony Gonzalez66
2.Otis Taylor57
3.Chris Burford55
4.Stephone Paige49
5.Fred Arbanas34
6.Carlos Carson33
Henry Marshall33
8.Eddie Kennison25
9.Frank Jackson21
10.Willie Davis20
Def InterceptionsDef Interceptions
1.Emmitt Thomas121974
2.Gary Barbaro101980
Bobby Hunt101966
Johnny Robinson101970
Johnny Robinson101966
6.Deron Cherry91986
Emmitt Thomas91969
8.Gary Barbaro81977
Bobby Hunt81962
Albert Lewis81985
Mark Mcmillian81997
Johnny Robinson81969
Mike Sensibaugh81972
Emmitt Thomas81971
1.Emmitt Thomas58
2.Johnny Robinson57
3.Deron Cherry50
4.Gary Barbaro39
5.Albert Lewis38
6.Bobby Hunt37
7.Kevin Ross30
8.Greg Wesley29
9.Willie Lanier27
10.Bobby Bell26
Punt ReturnsPunt Returns
1.J.T. Smith581979
2.Tamarick Vanover511999
Tamarick Vanover511995
4.J.T. Smith501981
5.Garcia Lane431985
6.Chris Horn422005
7.J.T. Smith401980
8.J.T. Smith391984
9.Dale Carter381992
10.Tamarick Vanover351997
1.J.T. Smith216
2.Tamarick Vanover181
3.Dante Hall146
4.Ed Podolak86
5.Dale Carter83
6.Willie Mitchell56
7.Abner Haynes55
8.Noland Smith53
9.Frank Jackson47
Larry Marshall47
Punt Ret TDPunt Ret TD
1.Dale Carter21992
Dante Hall22003
Dante Hall22002
J.T. Smith21979
J.T. Smith21980
Tamarick Vanover21999
7.Jitter Fields11987
Mike Garrett11966
Dante Hall12006
Willie Mitchell11965
Johnny Robinson11960
Goldie Sellers11968
Noland Smith11968
Tamarick Vanover11995
Tamarick Vanover11997
1.Dante Hall5
2.J.T. Smith4
Tamarick Vanover4
4.Dale Carter2
5.Mike Garrett1
Willie Mitchell1
Noland Smith1
Jitter Fields1
Goldie Sellers1
Johnny Robinson1
Kickoff ReturnsKickoff Returns
1.Dante Hall682004
2.Chris Horn652005
3.Dante Hall572003
Dante Hall572002
5.Dante Hall532006
6.Emil Uremovich511997
7.Emil Uremovich441999
8.Dante Hall432001
Emil Uremovich431995
10.Noland Smith411967
Emil Uremovich411998
1.Dante Hall296
2.Emil Uremovich212
3.Dave Grayson84
4.Chris Horn69
5.Noland Smith68
6.Anthony Hancock64
7.Jeff Smith62
8.Paul Palmer61
9.Carlos Carson57
10.Abner Haynes52
Kickoff Ret TDKickoff Ret TD
1.Dante Hall22003
Dante Hall22004
Paul Palmer21987
Emil Uremovich21995
5.Bobby Bell11969
Dave Grayson11963
Boyce Green11986
Dante Hall12002
Abner Haynes11961
Chris Horn12005
Noland Smith11967
Emil Uremovich11996
Emil Uremovich11997
1.Dante Hall5
2.Emil Uremovich4
3.Paul Palmer2
4.Bobby Bell1
Dave Grayson1
Chris Horn1
Abner Haynes1
Noland Smith1
Boyce Green1
10.Walker Ashley0
Hise Austin0
Victor Bailey0
Gary Baldinger0
Mel Branch0
Tommy Brooker0
Aaron Brown0
Jeff Colter0
Louis Cooper0
Jared Allen0
Taje Allen0
Marcus Allen0
Jason Andersen0
Trent Bryant0
Brad Budde0
Ray Burks0
Lloyd Burruss0
Lew Bush0
Denny Biodrowski0
Todd Blackledge0
Robert Blakley0
1.Daniel Pope1011999
2.Lewis Colbert991986
3.Jim Arnold981984
4.Dustin Colquitt952007
5.Jim Arnold931983
Jim Arnold931985
7.Louie Aguiar911995
8.Bob Grupp891979
9.Louie Aguiar881996
Jerrel Wilson881977
1.Jerrel Wilson1018
2.Louie Aguiar420
3.Jim Arnold284
4.Bryan Barker272
5.Dustin Colquitt231
6.Kelly Goodburn219
7.Bob Grupp214
8.Dan Stryzinski137
9.Cotton Davidson123
10.Lewis Colbert109
Field Goal AttemptsField Goal Attempts
1.Jan Stenerud441971
2.Jan Stenerud421970
3.Jan Stenerud401968
4.Jan Stenerud381976
Jan Stenerud381973
6.Nick Lowery371990
7.Nick Lowery361981
Jan Stenerud361972
Jan Stenerud361967
10.Todd Peterson352001
Jan Stenerud351969
1.Jan Stenerud436
2.Nick Lowery410
3.Pete Stoyanovich115
4.Lawrence Tynes87
5.Tommy Brooker85
6.Lin Elliott60
7.Jack Spikes57
8.Todd Peterson55
9.Morten Andersen46
10.Dave Rayner22
Field Goals MadeField Goals Made
1.Nick Lowery341990
2.Jan Stenerud301970
Jan Stenerud301968
4.Nick Lowery271988
Todd Peterson272001
Jan Stenerud271969
Pete Stoyanovich271998
Lawrence Tynes272005
9.Nick Lowery261981
Jan Stenerud261971
Pete Stoyanovich261997
1.Nick Lowery329
2.Jan Stenerud279
3.Pete Stoyanovich93
4.Lawrence Tynes68
5.Lin Elliott49
6.Todd Peterson42
7.Tommy Brooker41
8.Morten Andersen38
9.Jack Spikes19
10.Dave Rayner15

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