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Pittsburgh Steelers All Time Leaders

Pittsburgh Steelers (1940 - )
    Pittsburgh Pirates [NFL] (1933 - 1939)

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Team Leaders
Single SeasonCareer
Pass AttemptsPass Attempts
1.Tommy Maddox5192003
2.Neil O'donnell4861993
3.Terry Bradshaw4721979
4.Ben Roethlisberger4692008
Ben Roethlisberger4692006
6.Kordell Stewart4581998
7.Kordell Stewart4422001
8.Kordell Stewart4401997
9.Mark Malone4251986
10.Terry Bradshaw4241980
1.Terry Bradshaw3901
2.Kordell Stewart2107
3.Ben Roethlisberger1905
4.Neil O'donnell1871
5.Bubby Brister1477
6.Jim Finks1382
7.Mark Malone1374
8.Bobby Layne1156
9.Tommy Maddox1036
10.Mike Tomczak973
Pass CompletionsPass Completions
1.Tommy Maddox2982003
2.Ben Roethlisberger2812008
3.Ben Roethlisberger2802006
4.Neil O'donnell2701993
5.Kordell Stewart2662001
6.Ben Roethlisberger2642007
7.Terry Bradshaw2591979
8.Kordell Stewart2521998
9.Neil O'donnell2461995
10.Kordell Stewart2361997
1.Terry Bradshaw2025
2.Kordell Stewart1190
3.Ben Roethlisberger1189
4.Neil O'donnell1069
5.Bubby Brister776
6.Mark Malone690
7.Jim Finks661
8.Tommy Maddox603
9.Bobby Layne569
10.Mike Tomczak546
Pass YardsPass Yards
1.Terry Bradshaw37241979
2.Ben Roethlisberger35132006
3.Tommy Maddox34142003
4.Terry Bradshaw33391980
5.Ben Roethlisberger33012008
6.Neil O'donnell32081993
7.Ben Roethlisberger31542007
8.Kordell Stewart31092001
9.Kordell Stewart30201997
10.Ed Brown29821963
1.Terry Bradshaw27989
2.Ben Roethlisberger14974
3.Kordell Stewart13398
4.Neil O'donnell12867
5.Bubby Brister10104
6.Bobby Layne9030
7.Jim Finks8622
8.Mark Malone8582
9.Tommy Maddox7139
10.Mike Tomczak6649
Pass TouchdownsPass Touchdowns
1.Ben Roethlisberger322007
2.Terry Bradshaw281978
3.Terry Bradshaw261979
4.Terry Bradshaw241980
5.Terry Bradshaw221981
6.Ed Brown211963
Kordell Stewart211997
8.Bubby Brister201990
Jim Finks201952
Tommy Maddox202002
Bobby Layne201959
1.Terry Bradshaw212
2.Ben Roethlisberger101
3.Kordell Stewart70
4.Neil O'donnell68
5.Bobby Layne66
6.Jim Finks55
7.Mark Malone54
8.Bubby Brister51
9.Tommy Maddox42
10.Ed Brown38
Pass InterceptionsPass Interceptions
1.Jim Finks261955
2.Terry Bradshaw251979
3.Terry Bradshaw241970
4.Ben Roethlisberger232006
5.Terry Bradshaw221971
Terry Bradshaw221980
7.Bobby Layne211959
Cliff Stoudt211983
9.Johnny Gildea201935
Ed Brown201963
Terry Bradshaw201978
1.Terry Bradshaw210
2.Jim Finks88
3.Bobby Layne81
4.Kordell Stewart72
5.Ben Roethlisberger69
6.Mark Malone68
7.Bubby Brister57
8.Ed Brown50
9.Mike Tomczak43
10.Tommy Maddox40
Pass SackedPass Sacked
1.Cliff Stoudt511983
2.Ben Roethlisberger472007
3.Ben Roethlisberger462008
Ben Roethlisberger462006
5.Bubby Brister451989
6.Neil O'donnell411993
Tommy Maddox412003
8.Bubby Brister361988
9.Neil O'donnell351994
10.Dick Shiner331968
Terry Bradshaw331971
Terry Bradshaw331980
Kordell Stewart331998
1.Terry Bradshaw307
2.Ben Roethlisberger192
3.Neil O'donnell148
4.Kordell Stewart145
Bubby Brister145
6.Tommy Maddox82
7.Mark Malone77
8.Dick Shiner57
9.Cliff Stoudt56
10.Mike Tomczak50
Passer RatingPasser Rating
1.Bill Nelsen107.81966
2.Ben Roethlisberger104.12007
3.Mike Tomczak100.81994
4.Ben Roethlisberger98.62005
5.Ben Roethlisberger98.12004
6.Terry Bradshaw88.01975
7.Neil O'donnell87.71995
8.Tommy Maddox85.22002
9.Terry Bradshaw84.71978
10.Terry Bradshaw83.91981
Terry Bradshaw0.0
Bubby Brister0.0
Ed Brown0.0
Jim Finks0.0
Joe Geri0.0
Joe Gilliam0.0
Terry Hanratty0.0
Bobby Layne0.0
Tommy Maddox0.0
Mark Malone0.0
Ted Marchibroda0.0
Earl Morrall0.0
Bill Nelsen0.0
Kent Nix0.0
Neil O'donnell0.0
Ben Roethlisberger0.0
Dick Shiner0.0
Kordell Stewart0.0
Cliff Stoudt0.0
Mike Tomczak0.0
David Woodley0.0
Rush AttemptsRush Attempts
1.Barry Foster3901992
2.Jerome Bettis3751997
3.Jerome Bettis3552000
4.Willie Parker3372006
5.Willie Parker3212007
6.Jerome Bettis3201996
7.Jerome Bettis3161998
8.Franco Harris3101978
9.Franco Harris3001977
10.Jerome Bettis2991999
1.Franco Harris2881
2.Jerome Bettis2683
3.Willie Parker1155
4.Dick Hoak1132
5.John Henry Johnson1006
6.Frank Pollard953
7.Rocky Bleier928
8.Barry Foster915
9.Fran Rogel900
10.Walter Abercrombie842
Rush YardsRush Yards
1.Barry Foster16901992
2.Jerome Bettis16651997
3.Willie Parker14942006
4.Jerome Bettis14311996
5.Jerome Bettis13412000
6.Willie Parker13162007
7.Franco Harris12461975
8.Willie Parker12022005
9.Franco Harris11861979
10.Jerome Bettis11851998
1.Franco Harris11950
2.Jerome Bettis10571
3.Willie Parker4989
4.John Henry Johnson4381
5.Frank Pollard3989
6.Dick Hoak3965
7.Barry Foster3943
8.Rocky Bleier3865
9.Walter Abercrombie3343
10.Fran Rogel3271
Rushing TouchdownsRushing Touchdowns
1.Franco Harris141976
2.Jerome Bettis132004
Willie Parker132006
4.Kordell Stewart111997
Jerome Bettis111996
Franco Harris111977
Franco Harris111979
Barry Foster111992
9.Franco Harris101972
Franco Harris101975
1.Franco Harris91
2.Jerome Bettis78
3.Kordell Stewart35
4.Terry Bradshaw32
5.Barry Foster26
John Henry Johnson26
7.Dick Hoak25
8.Willie Parker24
9.Rocky Bleier23
10.Walter Abercrombie22
1.Hines Ward1122002
2.Hines Ward952003
3.Hines Ward942001
4.Yancey Thigpen851995
5.Hines Ward812008
6.Hines Ward802004
John Stallworth801984
8.Yancey Thigpen791997
9.Plaxico Burress782002
10.John Stallworth751985
1.Hines Ward800
2.John Stallworth537
3.Louis Lipps358
4.Lynn Swann336
5.Elbie Nickel329
6.Franco Harris306
7.Plaxico Burress261
8.Charles Johnson247
9.Merril Hoge241
10.Ray Mathews230
Receiving YardsReceiving Yards
1.Yancey Thigpen13981997
2.John Stallworth13951984
3.Hines Ward13292002
4.Plaxico Burress13252002
5.Yancey Thigpen13071995
6.Buddy Dial12951963
7.John Stallworth11831979
8.Hines Ward11632003
9.Louis Lipps11341985
10.John Stallworth10981981
1.Hines Ward9780
2.John Stallworth8723
3.Louis Lipps6018
4.Lynn Swann5462
5.Elbie Nickel5131
6.Buddy Dial4723
7.Plaxico Burress4164
8.Ray Mathews3919
9.Roy Jefferson3671
10.Yancey Thigpen3651
Receiving TouchdownsReceiving Touchdowns
1.Buddy Dial121961
Louis Lipps121985
Hines Ward122002
4.Hines Ward112005
John Stallworth111984
Lynn Swann111975
Lynn Swann111978
Roy Jefferson111968
9.Ron Shanklin101973
Hines Ward102003
1.Hines Ward72
2.John Stallworth63
3.Lynn Swann51
4.Buddy Dial42
5.Louis Lipps39
6.Elbie Nickel37
7.Ray Mathews34
8.Roy Jefferson29
9.Eric Green24
Jim Smith24
Ron Shanklin24
Def InterceptionsDef Interceptions
1.Mel Blount111975
2.Jack Butler101957
Bill Dudley101946
Howard Hartley101951
5.Jack Butler91958
Jack Butler91953
7.Johnny Sample81961
Clendon Thomas81963
Mike Wagner81973
Rod Woodson81993
1.Mel Blount57
2.Jack Butler52
3.Donnie Shell51
4.Rod Woodson38
5.Dwayne Woodruff37
6.Mike Wagner36
7.Darren Perry32
Jack Ham32
9.Jack Lambert28
10.Glen Edwards25
Howard Hartley25
Punt ReturnsPunt Returns
1.Louis Lipps531984
2.Andre Hastings481995
3.Antwaan Randle El452003
Theo Bell451979
5.Paul Skansi431983
6.Rod Woodson421993
Antwaan Randle El422004
8.Lynn Swann411974
9.Rod Woodson391994
Theo Bell391976
1.Rod Woodson257
2.Theo Bell139
3.Antwaan Randle El124
4.Louis Lipps107
5.Glen Edwards99
6.Jim Smith98
7.Andre Hastings87
8.Hank Poteat76
9.Rick Woods70
10.Lynn Chandnois66
Punt Ret TDPunt Ret TD
1.Louis Lipps21985
Ray Mathews21952
Antwaan Randle El22003
4.Ernie Mills11991
George Hays11952
Santonio Holmes12006
Roy Jefferson11968
Curt Sandig11942
Jon Staggers11971
Andy Tomasic11942
Lynn Swann11974
Andre Hastings11995
Hank Poteat12000
Rod Woodson11992
Johnny Sample11961
Louis Lipps11984
Ray Mathews11951
Rod Woodson11990
1.Louis Lipps3
Ray Mathews3
3.Antwaan Randle El2
Rod Woodson2
5.Johnny Sample1
Andre Hastings1
Lynn Swann1
Andy Tomasic1
Jon Staggers1
Curt Sandig1
Santonio Holmes1
Hank Poteat1
Ernie Mills1
George Hays1
Roy Jefferson1
Kickoff ReturnsKickoff Returns
1.Ernie Mills541995
2.Henry Odom391983
3.Allen Rossum382007
4.Larry Anderson371981
Larry Anderson371978
Ike Taylor372003
7.Larry Anderson341979
8.Will Blackwell321997
Antwaan Randle El322002
Lee Mays322002
1.Larry Anderson122
2.Dwight Stone109
3.Lynn Chandnois92
4.Will Blackwell78
Antwaan Randle El78
6.Ernie Mills76
7.Ike Taylor74
8.Gary Ballman64
9.Jim Butler52
Preston Pearson52
Kickoff Ret TDKickoff Ret TD
1.Lynn Chandnois21952
2.Lynn Chandnois11953
Jim Butler11966
Mike Collier11975
Larry Anderson11978
Gary Ballman11963
Will Blackwell12000
Johnny Mcnally11937
Allen Rossum12007
Bill Dudley11942
Dwight Stone11988
Erric Pegram11996
Antwaan Randle El12002
Don McCall11969
Will Blackwell11997
1.Lynn Chandnois3
2.Will Blackwell2
3.Larry Anderson1
Gary Ballman1
Don McCall1
Jim Butler1
Mike Collier1
Bill Dudley1
Johnny Mcnally1
Erric Pegram1
Antwaan Randle El1
Allen Rossum1
Dwight Stone1
1.Mark Royals971994
2.Josh Miller902000
3.Mark Royals891993
4.Harry Newsome861986
5.Josh Miller841999
Josh Miller842003
Craig Colquitt841981
8.Harry Newsome821989
9.Josh Miller811998
10.Craig Colquitt801983
Pat Brady801953
1.Bobby Walden716
2.Josh Miller572
3.Craig Colquitt429
4.Harry Newsome375
5.Mark Royals259
6.Pat Brady223
7.Chris Gardocki199
8.Joe Geri171
9.Frank Lambert156
10.Ed Brown148
Field Goal AttemptsField Goal Attempts
1.Kris Brown442001
2.Roy Gerela431973
3.Gary Anderson421985
Lou Michaels421962
5.Lou Michaels411963
Roy Gerela411972
Norm Johnson411995
8.Gary Anderson361988
Gary Anderson361992
10.Gary Anderson331991
Jeff Reed332004
1.Gary Anderson395
2.Roy Gerela227
3.Jeff Reed196
4.Norm Johnson127
5.Lou Michaels109
6.Kris Brown103
7.Mike Clark98
8.Matt Bahr58
9.Armand Niccolai45
10.Gene Mingo44
Field Goals MadeField Goals Made
1.Norm Johnson341995
2.Gary Anderson331985
3.Kris Brown302001
4.Roy Gerela291973
5.Jeff Reed282004
Gary Anderson281992
Gary Anderson281993
Gary Anderson281988
Roy Gerela281972
10.Gary Anderson271983
Jeff Reed272008
1.Gary Anderson309
2.Jeff Reed162
3.Roy Gerela146
4.Norm Johnson105
5.Kris Brown80
6.Lou Michaels62
7.Mike Clark57
8.Matt Bahr37
9.Armand Niccolai34
10.Gene Mingo17

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