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San Diego Chargers All Time Leaders

San Diego Chargers (1970 - )
    San Diego Chargers [AFL] (1961 - 1969)
    Los Angeles Chargers [AFL] (1960 - 1960)

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Team Leaders
Single SeasonCareer
Pass AttemptsPass Attempts
1.Dan Fouts6091981
2.Dan Fouts5891980
3.Dan Fouts5301979
4.Drew Brees5262002
5.Doug Flutie5212001
6.Dan Fouts5071984
7.Drew Brees5002005
8.John Friesz4871991
9.Stan Humphries4781995
Philip Rivers4782008
1.Dan Fouts5604
2.John Hadl3640
3.Stan Humphries2350
4.Drew Brees1809
5.Philip Rivers1428
6.Jack Kemp815
7.John Friesz747
8.Doug Flutie737
9.Jim Harbaugh636
10.Billy Tolliver595
Pass CompletionsPass Completions
1.Dan Fouts3601981
2.Dan Fouts3481980
3.Dan Fouts3321979
4.Drew Brees3232005
5.Drew Brees3202002
6.Dan Fouts3171984
7.Philip Rivers3122008
8.Doug Flutie2942001
9.Philip Rivers2842006
10.Stan Humphries2821995
1.Dan Fouts3297
2.John Hadl1824
3.Stan Humphries1335
4.Drew Brees1125
5.Philip Rivers890
6.Doug Flutie408
7.John Friesz401
8.Jack Kemp389
9.Jim Harbaugh372
10.Billy Tolliver305
Pass YardsPass Yards
1.Dan Fouts48021981
2.Dan Fouts47151980
3.Dan Fouts40821979
4.Philip Rivers40092008
5.Dan Fouts37401984
6.Dan Fouts36381985
7.Drew Brees35762005
8.John Hadl34731968
9.Doug Flutie34642001
10.Philip Rivers33882006
1.Dan Fouts43040
2.John Hadl26938
3.Stan Humphries16085
4.Drew Brees12348
5.Philip Rivers10697
6.Jack Kemp5996
7.Doug Flutie4901
8.John Friesz4396
9.Jim Harbaugh4177
10.Billy Tolliver3671
Pass TouchdownsPass Touchdowns
1.Philip Rivers342008
2.Dan Fouts331981
3.Dan Fouts301980
4.Dan Fouts271985
Drew Brees272004
John Hadl271968
7.John Hadl241967
Drew Brees242005
Dan Fouts241978
Dan Fouts241979
1.Dan Fouts254
2.John Hadl201
3.Stan Humphries85
4.Drew Brees80
5.Philip Rivers78
6.Jack Kemp37
7.Tobin Rote29
8.Doug Flutie25
9.Billy Tolliver21
10.John Friesz19
Pass InterceptionsPass Interceptions
1.John Hadl321968
2.John Hadl261972
3.John Hadl251971
Jack Kemp251960
5.John Hadl241962
Dan Fouts241979
Dan Fouts241980
8.Dan Fouts221986
Jack Kemp221961
John Hadl221967
1.Dan Fouts242
2.John Hadl211
3.Stan Humphries73
4.Drew Brees53
5.Jack Kemp49
6.Philip Rivers36
7.Ryan Leaf33
8.Tobin Rote32
9.Craig Whelihan29
10.Billy Tolliver24
Jim Harbaugh24
Pass SackedPass Sacked
1.John Hadl421970
2.Dan Fouts391976
3.Jim Harbaugh371999
4.Jack Kemp361960
5.Dan Fouts321980
John Friesz321991
7.Ryan Leaf312000
8.Dan Fouts291984
9.Dan Fouts281979
Stan Humphries281992
Jim Mcmahon281989
1.Dan Fouts319
2.Stan Humphries132
3.John Hadl125
4.Drew Brees92
5.Philip Rivers77
6.Ryan Leaf53
7.Jim Harbaugh51
8.John Friesz47
9.Jack Kemp36
Craig Whelihan36
Passer RatingPasser Rating
1.Philip Rivers105.52008
2.Drew Brees104.82004
3.Dan Fouts93.31982
4.Dan Fouts92.51983
5.Philip Rivers92.02006
6.Dan Fouts90.61981
7.Drew Brees89.22005
8.Dan Fouts88.11985
9.Tobin Rote86.71963
10.Dan Fouts84.71980
Drew Brees0.0
Doug Flutie0.0
Dan Fouts0.0
John Friesz0.0
John Hadl0.0
Jim Harbaugh0.0
James Harris0.0
Mark Herrmann0.0
Stan Humphries0.0
Jack Kemp0.0
Ryan Leaf0.0
Ed Luther0.0
Mark Malone0.0
Jim Mcmahon0.0
Philip Rivers0.0
Tobin Rote0.0
Billy Tolliver0.0
Craig Whelihan0.0
Rush AttemptsRush Attempts
1.Ladainian Tomlinson3722002
2.Ladainian Tomlinson3482006
3.Natrone Means3431994
4.Ladainian Tomlinson3392004
Ladainian Tomlinson3392005
Ladainian Tomlinson3392001
7.Ladainian Tomlinson3152007
8.Ladainian Tomlinson3132003
9.Earnest Jackson2961984
10.Ladainian Tomlinson2922008
1.Ladainian Tomlinson2657
2.Marion Butts1031
3.Paul Lowe1015
4.Natrone Means1013
5.Chuck Muncie773
6.Don Woods713
7.Keith Lincoln573
8.Mike Garrett572
9.Dickie Post568
10.Gary Anderson548
Rush YardsRush Yards
1.Ladainian Tomlinson18152006
2.Ladainian Tomlinson16832002
3.Ladainian Tomlinson16452003
4.Ladainian Tomlinson14742007
5.Ladainian Tomlinson14622005
6.Natrone Means13501994
7.Ladainian Tomlinson13352004
8.Ladainian Tomlinson12362001
9.Marion Butts12251990
10.Earnest Jackson11791984
1.Ladainian Tomlinson11760
2.Paul Lowe4972
3.Marion Butts4297
4.Natrone Means3885
5.Chuck Muncie3309
6.Don Woods2858
7.Keith Lincoln2698
8.Dickie Post2519
9.Gary Anderson2250
10.Mike Garrett2235
Rushing TouchdownsRushing Touchdowns
1.Ladainian Tomlinson282006
2.Chuck Muncie191981
3.Ladainian Tomlinson182005
4.Ladainian Tomlinson172004
5.Ladainian Tomlinson152007
6.Ladainian Tomlinson142002
7.Ladainian Tomlinson132003
8.Clarence Williams121979
Chuck Muncie121983
Natrone Means121994
1.Ladainian Tomlinson126
2.Chuck Muncie43
3.Paul Lowe40
4.Natrone Means34
5.Marion Butts31
6.Tim Spencer19
7.Dickie Post17
Clarence Williams17
Hank Bauer17
Rod Bernstine17
1.Ladainian Tomlinson1002003
2.Tony Martin901995
3.Antonio Gates892005
Kellen Winslow891980
5.Kellen Winslow881981
Kellen Winslow881983
7.Lionel James861985
8.Tony Martin851996
9.Anthony Miller841993
10.John Jefferson821980
1.Charlie Joiner586
2.Kellen Winslow541
3.Ladainian Tomlinson510
4.Lance Alworth493
5.Gary Garrison404
6.Antonio Gates400
7.Ronnie Harmon378
8.Anthony Miller374
9.Wes Chandler373
10.Tony Martin288
Receiving YardsReceiving Yards
1.Lance Alworth16021965
2.Lance Alworth13831966
3.John Jefferson13401980
4.Lance Alworth13121968
5.Kellen Winslow12901980
6.Anthony Miller12521989
7.Lance Alworth12351964
8.Tony Martin12241995
9.Lance Alworth12051963
10.Wes Chandler11991985
1.Lance Alworth9584
2.Charlie Joiner9203
3.Gary Garrison7533
4.Kellen Winslow6741
5.Wes Chandler6132
6.Anthony Miller5582
7.Antonio Gates5066
8.Tony Martin4184
9.Ronnie Harmon3939
10.Ladainian Tomlinson3801
Receiving TouchdownsReceiving Touchdowns
1.Lance Alworth141965
Tony Martin141996
3.Lance Alworth131966
Lance Alworth131964
Antonio Gates132004
John Jefferson131978
John Jefferson131980
8.Gary Garrison121970
9.Lance Alworth111963
10.Lance Alworth101968
Wes Chandler101985
Gary Garrison101968
Antonio Gates102005
Willie Frazier101967
John Jefferson101979
Anthony Miller101989
Kellen Winslow101981
1.Lance Alworth81
2.Gary Garrison58
3.Antonio Gates51
4.Charlie Joiner47
5.Kellen Winslow45
6.Wes Chandler41
7.Anthony Miller37
8.John Jefferson36
9.Tony Martin33
10.Don Norton27
Def InterceptionsDef Interceptions
1.Antonio Cromartie102007
2.Charlie Mcneil91961
3.Ryan Mcneil82001
Bob Zeman81961
Claude Gibson81962
Dick Harris81963
7.Dick Harris71961
Jim Hill71969
Darren Carrington71993
Speedy Duncan71966
Gill Byrd71988
Gill Byrd71989
Gill Byrd71990
Danny Walters71983
Bud Whitehead71965
Bryant Salter71972
1.Gill Byrd42
2.Dick Harris29
3.Rodney Harrison26
4.Kenny Graham25
5.Mike Williams24
6.Joe Beauchamp23
7.Speedy Duncan21
Bobby Howard21
Woodrow Lowe21
10.Chuck Allen20
Punt ReturnsPunt Returns
1.Mike Fuller461979
2.Eric Metcalf451997
3.Mike Fuller391978
4.Eric Parker372006
5.Mike Fuller361975
Speedy Duncan361967
Darrien Gordon361994
Darrien Gordon361996
9.Mike Fuller331976
10.Lionel James321987
Latario Rachal321998
1.Mike Fuller212
2.Speedy Duncan138
3.Lionel James124
4.Darrien Gordon103
5.Eric Parker87
6.James Brooks52
7.Darren Sproles49
8.Tim Dwight46
9.Eric Metcalf45
10.Kitrick Taylor34
Nate Lewis34
Punt Ret TDPunt Ret TD
1.Eric Metcalf31997
2.Speedy Duncan21965
Darrien Gordon21994
4.Darrien Gordon11996
Lionel James11987
Mike Fuller11977
Keith Lincoln11961
Andre Coleman11995
Tim Dwight12001
Speedy Duncan11966
Mike Fuller11975
Speedy Duncan11968
Nate Lewis11990
Lionel James11984
Darren Sproles12007
Paul Maguire11960
Kitrick Taylor11990
1.Speedy Duncan4
2.Darrien Gordon3
Eric Metcalf3
4.Lionel James2
Mike Fuller2
6.Paul Maguire1
Nate Lewis1
Keith Lincoln1
Darren Sproles1
Kitrick Taylor1
Andre Coleman1
Tim Dwight1
Kickoff ReturnsKickoff Returns
1.Ronney Jenkins672000
2.Reche Caldwell632005
3.Andre Coleman621995
4.Ronney Jenkins582001
5.Andre Coleman551996
6.Darren Sproles532008
7.Tim Dwight502004
Leon Johnson502003
9.Andre Coleman491994
10.Lionel James431984
1.Andre Coleman166
2.Ronney Jenkins165
3.Speedy Duncan134
4.Kenny Bynum107
5.James Brooks105
6.Lionel James99
7.Nate Lewis92
8.Darren Sproles90
9.Artie Owens88
10.Tim Dwight80
Kickoff Ret TDKickoff Ret TD
1.Andre Coleman21994
Andre Coleman21995
Ronney Jenkins22001
4.Keith Lincoln11962
Rodney Harrison11997
Jamie Holland11988
Gary Anderson11985
Tim Dwight12004
Anthony Miller11988
Anthony Miller11989
Darren Sproles12007
Darren Sproles12008
Nate Lewis11991
Ronney Jenkins12000
1.Andre Coleman4
2.Ronney Jenkins3
3.Anthony Miller2
Darren Sproles2
5.Nate Lewis1
Keith Lincoln1
Rodney Harrison1
Jamie Holland1
Gary Anderson1
Tim Dwight1
1.Darren Bennett951998
2.Darren Bennett922000
3.Darren Bennett891997
Darren Bennett891999
5.Darren Bennett871996
Darren Bennett872002
7.Ralf Mojsiejenko851988
8.Darren Bennett822003
9.Mike Scifres812007
10.Dennis Partee791975
Paul Maguire791962
1.Darren Bennett771
2.Dennis Partee519
3.Mike Scifres341
4.Ralf Mojsiejenko292
5.John Kidd269
6.Jeff West258
7.Paul Maguire243
8.Rick Redman153
9.Maury Buford150
10.John Hadl105
Field Goal AttemptsField Goal Attempts
1.John Carney401993
2.John Carney381994
3.John Carney361996
Rolf Benirschke361980
John Carney361999
6.John Carney321992
Wade Richey322001
Nate Kaeding322008
Dennis Partee321968
10.Dick Van Raaphorst311966
1.John Carney320
2.Rolf Benirschke208
3.Nate Kaeding137
4.Dennis Partee121
5.George Blair80
6.Ray Wersching68
7.Dick Van Raaphorst61
8.Steve Christie57
9.Herb Travenio35
10.Vince Abbott34
Field Goals MadeField Goals Made
1.John Carney341994
2.John Carney311999
John Carney311993
4.John Carney291996
5.Nate Kaeding272008
6.John Carney261998
John Carney261992
Nate Kaeding262006
9.Nate Kaeding242007
Rolf Benirschke241980
1.John Carney261
2.Rolf Benirschke146
3.Nate Kaeding118
4.Dennis Partee71
5.George Blair50
6.Steve Christie42
7.Ray Wersching32
8.Dick Van Raaphorst31
9.Wade Richey21
Vince Abbott21

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