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Tennessee Titans All Time Leaders

Tennessee Titans (1999 - )
    Tennessee Oilers [NFL] (1997 - 1998)
    Houston Oilers [NFL] (1970 - 1996)
    Houston Oilers [AFL] (1960 - 1969)

Year by year coaching records
Team Win/Loss Records

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Team Leaders
Single SeasonCareer
Pass AttemptsPass Attempts
1.Warren Moon6551991
2.Warren Moon5841990
3.Warren Moon5201993
4.George Blanda5051964
5.Steve Mcnair4921998
Steve Mcnair4922002
7.Warren Moon4881986
8.Steve Mcnair4762005
9.Warren Moon4641989
10.Ken Stabler4571980
1.Warren Moon4546
2.Steve Mcnair3871
3.George Blanda2784
4.Dan Pastorini2768
5.Pete Beathard824
6.Vince Young775
7.Ken Stabler742
8.Chris Chandler676
9.Cody Carlson659
10.Kerry Collins587
Pass CompletionsPass Completions
1.Warren Moon4041991
2.Warren Moon3621990
3.Warren Moon3031993
4.Steve Mcnair3012002
5.Ken Stabler2931980
6.Steve Mcnair2922005
7.Steve Mcnair2891998
8.Warren Moon2801989
9.Steve Mcnair2642001
10.George Blanda2621964
1.Warren Moon2632
2.Steve Mcnair2305
3.Dan Pastorini1426
4.George Blanda1347
5.Ken Stabler458
6.Vince Young444
7.Chris Chandler409
8.Pete Beathard379
9.Cody Carlson370
10.Kerry Collins334
Pass YardsPass Yards
1.Warren Moon46901991
2.Warren Moon46891990
3.Warren Moon36311989
4.Warren Moon34891986
5.Warren Moon34851993
6.Steve Mcnair33872002
7.Steve Mcnair33502001
8.Warren Moon33381984
9.George Blanda33301961
10.George Blanda32871964
1.Warren Moon33685
2.Steve Mcnair27141
3.George Blanda19149
4.Dan Pastorini16864
5.Pete Beathard5195
6.Ken Stabler5190
7.Vince Young4964
8.Chris Chandler4559
9.Cody Carlson4469
10.Kerry Collins3756
Pass TouchdownsPass Touchdowns
1.George Blanda361961
2.Warren Moon331990
3.George Blanda271962
4.George Blanda241963
George Blanda241960
Steve Mcnair242003
7.Warren Moon231991
Warren Moon231989
9.Steve Mcnair222002
10.Steve Mcnair212001
Warren Moon211987
Warren Moon211993
1.Warren Moon196
2.George Blanda165
3.Steve Mcnair156
4.Dan Pastorini96
5.Chris Chandler33
6.Don Trull29
7.Ken Stabler27
8.Billy Volek26
Pete Beathard26
10.Jacky Lee25
Pass InterceptionsPass Interceptions
1.George Blanda421962
2.George Blanda301965
3.Ken Stabler281980
4.George Blanda271964
5.Warren Moon261986
6.George Blanda251963
7.George Blanda221960
George Blanda221961
9.George Blanda211966
Pete Beathard211969
Warren Moon211991
Warren Moon211993
Dan Pastorini211971
1.George Blanda189
2.Warren Moon166
3.Dan Pastorini139
4.Steve Mcnair103
5.Pete Beathard53
6.Ken Stabler46
7.Vince Young32
8.Jacky Lee28
Cody Carlson28
Lynn Dickey28
Pass SackedPass Sacked
1.Warren Moon471984
2.Warren Moon461985
3.Warren Moon411986
4.Dan Pastorini371972
Steve Mcnair372001
6.Warren Moon361990
7.Warren Moon351989
8.Warren Moon341993
9.Steve Mcnair331998
10.Steve Mcnair311997
1.Warren Moon315
2.Steve Mcnair229
3.Dan Pastorini222
4.Ken Stabler56
5.Cody Carlson54
6.Vince Young53
7.Pete Beathard50
8.Gifford Nielsen47
9.Chris Chandler46
10.Billy Volek45
Passer RatingPasser Rating
1.Steve Mcnair100.42003
2.Don Trull98.31968
3.Warren Moon96.81990
4.Jacky Lee96.71961
5.Gifford Nielsen92.11981
6.George Blanda91.31961
7.Steve Mcnair90.61996
8.Steve Mcnair90.22001
9.Warren Moon89.31992
10.Warren Moon88.91989
Pete Beathard0.0
George Blanda0.0
Cody Carlson0.0
Chris Chandler0.0
Kerry Collins0.0
Lynn Dickey0.0
Charley Johnson0.0
Jacky Lee0.0
Oliver Luck0.0
Steve Mcnair0.0
Warren Moon0.0
Gifford Nielsen0.0
Neil O'donnell0.0
Dan Pastorini0.0
Ken Stabler0.0
Don Trull0.0
Billy Volek0.0
Vince Young0.0
Rush AttemptsRush Attempts
1.Eddie George4032000
2.Earl Campbell3731980
3.Earl Campbell3681979
4.Earl Campbell3611981
5.Eddie George3571997
6.Eddie George3481998
7.Eddie George3432002
8.Eddie George3351996
9.Earl Campbell3221983
10.Eddie George3201999
1.Eddie George2733
2.Earl Campbell1979
3.Lorenzo White1000
4.Mike Rozier910
5.Charlie Tolar907
6.Hoyle Granger773
7.Ronnie Coleman700
8.Chris Brown643
9.Steve Mcnair614
10.Fred Willis603
Rush YardsRush Yards
1.Earl Campbell19341980
2.Earl Campbell16971979
3.Eddie George15092000
4.Earl Campbell14501978
5.Eddie George13991997
6.Earl Campbell13761981
7.Eddie George13681996
8.Eddie George13041999
9.Earl Campbell13011983
10.Eddie George12941998
1.Eddie George10009
2.Earl Campbell8574
3.Lorenzo White4079
4.Hoyle Granger3514
5.Steve Mcnair3439
6.Mike Rozier3426
7.Charlie Tolar3277
8.Ronnie Coleman2769
9.Chris Brown2757
10.Allen Pinkett2324
Rushing TouchdownsRushing Touchdowns
1.Earl Campbell191979
2.LenDale White152008
3.Eddie George142000
4.Earl Campbell131980
Earl Campbell131978
6.Earl Campbell121983
Eddie George122002
8.Earl Campbell101981
Mike Rozier101988
10.Allen Pinkett91991
Chris Johnson92008
Eddie George91999
1.Earl Campbell73
2.Eddie George64
3.Steve Mcnair36
4.Lorenzo White29
5.Mike Rozier27
6.LenDale White22
7.Charlie Tolar21
Warren Moon21
Allen Pinkett21
10.Hoyle Granger18
1.Charley Hennigan1011964
2.Haywood Jeffires1001991
3.Derrick Mason962004
4.Derrick Mason952003
5.Haywood Jeffires901992
Drew Hill901991
7.Tim Smith831983
8.Charley Hennigan821961
Curtis Duncan821992
10.Drew Bennett802004
Butch Woolfolk801985
1.Ernest Givins542
2.Haywood Jeffires515
3.Frank Wycheck482
4.Drew Hill480
5.Derrick Mason453
6.Charley Hennigan410
7.Ken Burrough408
8.Curtis Duncan322
9.Drew Bennett273
10.Eddie George259
Receiving YardsReceiving Yards
1.Charley Hennigan17461961
2.Charley Hennigan15461964
3.Bill Groman14731960
4.Derrick Mason13032003
5.Drew Bennett12472004
6.Haywood Jeffires11811991
7.Tim Smith11761983
8.Bill Groman11751961
9.Drew Hill11691985
10.Derrick Mason11682004
1.Ernest Givins7935
2.Drew Hill7477
3.Ken Burrough6906
4.Charley Hennigan6823
5.Haywood Jeffires6119
6.Derrick Mason6114
7.Frank Wycheck4958
8.Drew Bennett4033
9.Curtis Duncan3935
10.Chris Sanders3285
Receiving TouchdownsReceiving Touchdowns
1.Bill Groman171961
2.Bill Groman121960
Charlie Frazier121966
Charley Hennigan121961
5.Drew Bennett112004
6.Ernest Givins101992
Charley Hennigan101963
Drew Hill101988
9.Ernest Givins91990
Drew Hill91985
Haywood Jeffires91992
Billy Cannon91961
Derrick Mason92001
Chris Sanders91995
1.Charley Hennigan51
2.Drew Hill47
Haywood Jeffires47
Ken Burrough47
5.Ernest Givins46
6.Derrick Mason37
7.Bill Groman32
8.Frank Wycheck27
9.Drew Bennett25
10.Charlie Frazier23
Def InterceptionsDef Interceptions
1.Freddy Glick121963
Mike Reinfeldt121979
3.Miller Farr101967
4.W.k. Hicks91965
Ken Houston91971
Jim Norton91961
7.Jim Norton81962
Pete Jaquess81964
Richard Johnson81990
Tony Banfield81961
1.Jim Norton45
2.Cris Dishman31
3.Freddy Glick30
4.Tony Banfield27
Darryll Lewis27
W.k. Hicks27
7.Mike Reinfeldt26
8.Ken Houston25
9.Zeke Moore24
10.Willie Alexander23
Samari Rolle23
Punt ReturnsPunt Returns
1.Derrick Mason512000
2.Carl Roaches471980
3.Willie Drewrey411993
4.Billy Johnson401975
5.Carl Roaches391981
6.Billy Johnson381976
7.Ernest Givins371994
8.Billy Johnson351977
Jerry LeVias351969
10.Adam Jones342006
Willie Drewrey341986
1.Derrick Mason182
2.Billy Johnson155
3.Carl Roaches151
4.Willie Drewrey104
5.Kenny Johnson73
6.Mel Gray69
7.Bobby Jancik67
8.Jerry LeVias60
9.Ernest Givins56
10.Ken Houston45
Punt Ret TDPunt Ret TD
1.Adam Jones32006
Billy Johnson31975
3.Billy Johnson21977
4.Derrick Mason11999
Derrick Mason12000
Ernest Givins11994
Tony Banfield11962
Ronnie Coleman11976
Bobby Jancik11964
Justin McCareins12003
Courtney Roby12005
1.Billy Johnson5
2.Adam Jones3
3.Derrick Mason2
4.Justin McCareins1
Ronnie Coleman1
Tony Banfield1
Ernest Givins1
Courtney Roby1
Bobby Jancik1
10.Pete Jaquess0
Charles Jefferson0
Thad Jefferson0
Haywood Jeffires0
Al Jenkins0
Deron Jenkins0
Pete Johns0
Al Johnson0
Alex Johnson0
Ezra Johnson0
John Henry Johnson0
Kenny Johnson0
Benny Johnson0
Willie Rodgers0
Samari Rolle0
Jim Romano0
Michael Roos0
Tim Rossovich0
Mike Rozier0
Conrad Rucker0
Council Rudolph0
Kickoff ReturnsKickoff Returns
1.Mel Gray531995
2.Mel Gray501996
Bobby Wade502006
4.Bobby Jancik451963
5.Courtney Roby432005
6.Derrick Mason422000
Mike Archie421998
8.Derrick Mason411999
9.Jason McAddley382004
Jerry LeVias381969
1.Bobby Jancik158
2.Derrick Mason156
3.Carl Roaches150
4.Billy Johnson121
5.Mel Gray111
6.Allen Pinkett80
7.Willie Drewrey75
8.Jerry LeVias64
Zeke Moore64
10.Leonard Harris53
Kickoff Ret TDKickoff Ret TD
1.Billy Cannon11960
Ken Hall11960
Billy Johnson11977
Zeke Moore11967
Carl Roaches11983
Derrick Mason12001
Willie Tullis11981
Ode Burrell11964
Bob Gresham11973
Steve Brown11983
Billy Johnson11975
Carl Roaches11981
1.Billy Johnson2
Carl Roaches2
3.Zeke Moore1
Billy Cannon1
Ken Hall1
Willie Tullis1
Derrick Mason1
Ode Burrell1
Bob Gresham1
Steve Brown1
1.Rich Camarillo961994
2.Cliff Parsley931979
3.Cliff Parsley911978
4.Craig Hentrich901999
5.Craig Hentrich882006
John James881984
Lee Johnson881986
8.Craig Hentrich872008
9.Jim Norton851965
Craig Hentrich852001
1.Craig Hentrich852
2.Jim Norton522
3.Cliff Parsley431
4.Dan Pastorini316
5.Greg Montgomery310
6.Lee Johnson212
7.John James198
8.Rich Camarillo173
9.Reggie Roby140
10.David Beverly91
Field Goal AttemptsField Goal Attempts
1.Roy Gerela401969
2.Rob Bironas392007
Al Del Greco391998
4.Al Del Greco381996
5.Tony Zendejas371989
6.Al Del Greco351997
7.Tony Zendejas341988
Al Del Greco341993
9.George Blanda331960
Rob Bironas332008
Al Del Greco332000
1.Al Del Greco295
2.George Blanda187
3.Tony Zendejas163
4.Rob Bironas129
5.Skip Butler122
6.Toni Fritsch105
7.Roy Gerela72
8.Joe Nedney59
9.Gary Anderson53
10.John Wittenborn41
Field Goals MadeField Goals Made
1.Al Del Greco361998
2.Rob Bironas352007
3.Al Del Greco321996
4.Al Del Greco291993
Rob Bironas292008
6.Al Del Greco271997
Gary Anderson272003
Al Del Greco271995
Al Del Greco272000
10.Tony Zendejas251989
Joe Nedney252002
1.Al Del Greco246
2.Tony Zendejas117
3.Rob Bironas109
4.George Blanda91
5.Toni Fritsch81
6.Skip Butler70
7.Joe Nedney45
8.Gary Anderson44
9.Roy Gerela37
10.Florian Kempf25

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