Bitcoin Champion Review 2022

You may have come across Bitcoin Champion when looking for profitable ways to invest in bitcoin.  The platform has gone viral recently, thanks to its superior profitability.

Bitcoin Champion is described by many as a money generating machine.  This is because it generates mouthwatering profits for users.  Many of its reviewers claim to start with just USD250 and earn amazing profits from the first day.

The secret to growing a small investment with Bitcoin Champion is ploughing back the profits.  Some have reportedly used this strategy to earn their first one million dollars with this auto-trading system.

But is Bitcoin Champion real, and is it as profitable as claimed by reviewers all over the web?  We have carried out an independent investigation on this robot and presented our findings in this review.

Read our Bitcoin Champion review to the end to make an informed choice before trading with this bot.  You can post any questions you might have in the comment section at the bottom of this review.

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What is Bitcoin Champion?

Automated trading is disrupting global finance at breathtaking speeds.  A trading bot known as Bitcoin Champion is reportedly churning out more millionaires than any other platform in the crypto industry.

The robot reportedly uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to study data and deliver profitable trades.  Bitcoin Champion delivers up to 10 trades every minute, with at least nine out of these being profitable.

Trading with this robot is easy since the trading research and order placing are conducted by its algorithms.  We have studied all the Bitcoin Champion related data we could lay our hands on to determine if it’s legit and profitable.

The study shows that Bitcoin Champion is genuine.  We are also certain that it’s profitable given the great feedback from its clients.

Why Trade Bitcoin Today?

Bitcoin is the world’s largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of nearly $1 trillion.  Many analysts predict that its growth will keep accelerating as the mainstream continues to adopt it.

Data from leading analysts at Fidelity Investments predict that BTC could trade past $100000 in the coming months.  Their predictions are echoed by many other analysts, including those from Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs is one of the world’s biggest investment banks globally.  Bitcoin is already mainstream, with many big banks trading it directly or through derivatives.  Big corporations such as Tesla have also invested billions of dollars in crypto.

The anticipated bitcoin growth is bound to increase volatility across the crypto industry.  Analyzing the crypto industry data on Coin Market Cap reveals that most altcoins are already highly volatile.

Trading bitcoin through CFDs allows you to make money from this volatility.  Bitcoin Champion helps you make money from this volatility easily.  Moreover, the bot is more profitable than the world’s best human trader.

Bitcoin Champion users can reportedly expect superior returns in the rising crypto volatility.  The robot uses sophisticated AI algorithms to identify and trade volatility events from the news.

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Advantages of trading with Bitcoin Champion

Bitcoin Champion is reviewed as the best platform for earning money online.  The platform is praised for being super-profitable and quite easy to operate.

The majority of its reviewers describe its trading experience as fun.  Moreover, most are happy that they don’t have to change their daily schedule to use it.  Bitcoin Champion is 100% automated, and therefore no skills are needed to use it.

Users must set aside at least 20 minutes every day for trading.  The robot should run for eight straight hours daily without any interruption.  You don’t have to waste time monitoring the trading during the 8-hour session. 

Bitcoin Champion comes with various risk management tools to help you predetermine the level of risk you are willing to accept.  These settings dictate when trades should be opened and closed.  All users are encouraged to take a risk appetite test on Bitcoin Champion’s trading resources page to determine the risk per trade to take.

The risk appetite test is a questionnaire with 50 questions about your finances and trading psychology.  Your answers to these questions are aggregated to determine your risk appetite.  A PDF guide on Bitcoin Champion’s will guide you on setting the risk management tools to suit your risk appetite.

We have scrutinized this auto-trading platform for safety and are happy with the results.  As we will see below, Bitcoin Champion prioritizes users’ safety.  Its platforms are encrypted for data safety.  Moreover, the robot adheres to the data privacy regulations presented in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The GDPR is a globally respected data protection regulation introduced in the EU.  This law dictates how firms handle the personal data of EU citizens.

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Disadvantages of Bitcoin Champion

We would be biased to discuss the advantages of Bitcoin Champion without highlighting its disadvantages.  This trading robot has its weakness like any other platform.

Firstly, it’s risky given that it trades crypto volatility on leverage.  Leverage is a type of debt capital applied to magnify the trades.  Leveraged trading ensures high-level profitability from small accounts.

However, leverage is counterproductive since it also magnifies the losses.  A highly leveraged account can make losses into the negative.  This means that your account balance reads negative.  Bitcoin Champion applies the Negative Balance Protection (NBP) tool to prevent your account from going into the negative.

Even so, your account balance can trade to zero.  This is expected in any highly profitable platform since risk and reward have a strong positive correlation.  A prudent investor never puts more than 10% of their savings in high-risk investments.  Start small with Bitcoin Champion and use the reinvest approach to growth.

Another disadvantage of Bitcoin Champion is that it offers very limited registration slots.  This means that very few manage to sign up.  You need to visit the Bitcoin Champion site many times to try your luck.

Don’t give up since the amazing money-making potential of this robot makes it worthwhile.  Try your luck with Bitcoin Champion now.

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A Summary of the Pros and Cons

We have summarized the Pros and Cons of using Bitcoin Champion in the table below.  This robot is worth a try, given its superior performance track record.

Superior performanceHigh Risk
Easy to useNot available in many countries
AffordableLimited signup slots
Doesn’t charge registration fees 
Transparent trading environment 
Supports mobile trading 
Safe trading environment 
Regulated partner brokers 
24/7 customer support 

How to make money with Bitcoin Champion

Making money on crypto through the Bitcoin Champion automated system is quite easy.  As explained earlier, the chances of making money with this platform are extremely high.

However, the risk is also high, and therefore you must be extra careful.  Any highly profitable venture is expected to involve high-level risk.  The risk is worth it since there is also a huge possibility of making money.

Even so, you must evaluate your risk appetite test carefully.  Your financial status and trading psychology define your risk appetite.  The risk analysis tools can only be accessed from the trading resources centre.

You need to complete the signup to access these tools.  Read the Bitcoin Champion trading guide to understand the risk management settings.

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STEP ONE: Register a free account

The registration happens on the Bitcoin Champion homepage.  Fill out the signup form and confirm your contact information as required.  Secure your account with a password and click the “Proceed” button to continue.  You will automatically divert to the underlying broker’s ID verification and account funding page.

STEP TWO: Verify your account with the broker

Verify your Bitcoin Champion account via the broker.  The verification process involves the user uploading a photo of their ID card or DL with the broker.  This process can take up to 5 hours, but users do not have to wait for it to complete.  You can fund your account and start trading as the verification information is processed.  Please note that only verified accounts can withdraw.

STEP THREE: Fund your account with at least USD250

Funding your Bitcoin Champion account through the assigned broker is easy.  Select your preferred payment method and specify the amount you want to deposit.  Account funding through most of the supported methods is instant.  This implies that you can start trading immediately.

STEP FOUR: Demo Practice

Practice trading through the Bitcoin Champion demo platform.  The demo will help you familiarize yourself with the live platform without risking your capital.  Many expert reviews we have read claim that this robot’s demo is strikingly similar to the live trading system.  The results attained through the demo are also close to those achieved during live trading.  Watch the Bitcoin Champion intro video before testing the platform on the demo.

STEP FIVE: Start a live trading session

This should be a walk in the park if you have taken the previous step seriously.  Adjust the Bitcoin Champion trading settings as directed in the trading guide and start a live session.  The session starts with a click of a button.  Follow the tips below to get the best results from this auto-trading system.

How to make the most out of Bitcoin Champion

You can reportedly influence the profitability of Bitcoin Champion by following the trading tips explained below.

Trade the highly volatile time zones – The Eastern Day Light time or the British Summer Time zones.  These time zones come with a lot of crypto volatility due to heavy derivatives trading in the markets.

Run Bitcoin Champion for eight straight hours daily – Traders who run this robot for eight straight hours daily report the best results.  You should run the bot from 8:00 AM to 4 PM in the selected time zone.  Run the robot without any interruption.

End trading at the end of each session – Running Bitcoin Champion beyond the chosen time zone will result in rollover fees.  Also, there is a possibility of the gains made being reversed when the markets open at a worse off position.

Run Bitcoin Champion during special market events – This trading robot has an events calendar and news feed to notify users of special volatility events.  You should ensure that Bitcoin Champion is running during these events.

Start small and compound the profits for growth – Most Bitcoin Champion success stories claim to use the compounding strategy to grow.  Evaluate your risk appetite thoroughly and start with an amount you can afford to lose.

Bitcoin Champion in the fake news

We are living in the age of fake news.  Any popular social media subject is likely to attract a fair share of fake news.

The mass adoption of the internet propels the fake news menace.  Bitcoin Champion is among the crypto trading robots heavily targeted by fake news.  Some fake news uses this robot’s name to market fraudulent projects.

Bitcoin Champion Alejandra Azcarate

Alejandra Azcarate is a Colombian model, actress, presenter, comedian, and broadcaster.  She is one of the many celebrities linked to Bitcoin Champion by fake news posts.  These posts claim that she has been paid millions of dollars to market the robot through her TV appearances.  However, there is no proof of Alejandra Azcarate marketing any bitcoin-related project.

Bitcoin Champion Andrea Serna

Andrea Serna is a Colombian TV personality.  The fake news claims that she has secured a million-dollar deal to market Bitcoin Champion.  However, Andrea Serna has not shown any interest in Bitcoin.  Also, Bitcoin Champion has recently stated that it doesn’t market itself through celebrity influencers.

Bitcoin Champion Arturo Elias

Arturo Elias is a Mexican billionaire entrepreneur and investor.  The fake news posts allege that he owns the company behind Bitcoin Champion.  This is a big fat lie since Bitcoin Champion is owned by a renowned global trading software provider.  Arturo Elias has never shown interest in crypto-related investments.

Bitcoin Champion Jaime Bayly

Jaime Bayly is another celebrity falsely linked to the Bitcoin Champion trading system.  Those linking her to this auto-trading system allege she is among its paid influencers.  However, there is no proof of Jaime Bayly marketing any bitcoin-related product.  We also didn’t find any information on the Bitcoin Champion site to suggest that it has engaged celebrity influencers.

Bitcoin Champion Ruben Blades

Ruben Blades is a renowned Panamanian musician.  The fake news posts claim that he is a paid influencer market for Bitcoin Champion.  Various publications on the web confirm that these are fake news.  Bitcoin Champion has never marketed itself through celebrity influencers.  Reuben Blades has also not expressed any interest in bitcoin.

Is the Bitcoin Champion Login Page safe?

The safety of the login page of any site is quite important since this is where most attacks begin.  Cyberattacks that target to steal users’ data hijack weak login pages and intercept all data submitted through the page.

This review can confirm that the Bitcoin Champion login page is safe.  We have subjected it to thorough penetration testing and confirmed that it’s fully secure.  All the clients’ data is instantly encrypted on registration.

Data encryption is the first line of defence against cyberattacks.  The Bitcoin Champion website is secured through the impenetrable 256 RSA encryption.  This encryption protocol prevents 99% of cyberattacks.

Bitcoin Champion claims to have a standby cyber incident response team to respond to any security issues that may arise.  This is important because trading robots are now a major target for cyberattacks.

We have gone through the Bitcoin Champion data privacy policy and found it thorough.  The policy is reportedly aligned with the GDPR.  This regulation is arguably the best data privacy regulation globally.

Bitcoin Champion ensures further safety by partnering with regulated brokers.  These brokers adhere to strict safety measures required by the underlying regulatory bodies.

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Is Bitcoin Champion Genuine?  Final Word!

We have presented the proof of Bitcoin Champion’s legitimacy in this review.  Our review is informed by in-depth research and tests on the robot’s platforms.

The in-depth research takes into account consumer and expert feedback.  Thousands of Bitcoin Champion users have shared their experiences with the robot on platforms such as Trustpilot and Forex Peace Army.

Moreover, there are many testimonials on the official Bitcoin Champion website.  We have gone through these testimonials and are amazing by the great feedback.  Many report that Bitcoin Champion is easy to use and profitable.

Further analysis of the reviews confirms that this auto-trading platform has turned some users into millionaires.  Furthermore, more than 80% of the users report earning a decent income online through the platform.

Bitcoin Champion is also rated well by the experts.  The majority agree that it’s the most profitable tool for trading bitcoin.  They also rank it number one among the easiest bitcoin trading systems today.

Use the link below to visit the official Bitcoin Champion site and learn more about the site.  You could make a fortune with Bitcoin Champion by investing as little as USD250.  Trading crypto, especially on leverage, carries significant risk.


Is Bitcoin Champion a good bet?

This robot is a great bet, given its potential profitability rate.  Bitcoin Champion seems to be making many users super-wealthy.

Do I pay to use Bitcoin Champion?

You don’t pay to use this bot since it’s offered on a free license.  The only thing you need to get started is a trading capital of at least USD250.

Does Bitcoin Champion offer an app?

You can use Bitcoin Champion on your phone through a mobile browser or hybrid app.  You will find the hybrid app download link on the resources page.

How long does it take to withdraw profits?

Your withdrawal should facilitate instantly if you are using the method used to deposit.  Withdrawal through any other method could take up to 12 hours. 

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