Bitcoin Edge Review

Bitcoin Edge is a trading program founded in 2015 to trade bitcoin price swings. The program does so through Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered algorithms.

Bitcoin Edge gained huge popularity after generating mouthwatering profits for users in the crypto boom of 2016. This trading bot has remained super-profitable since then. It has always been among the top 3 best bitcoin robots on the experts’ list.

Most of the expert Bitcoin Edge reviews we have analyzed indicate that it could deliver a daily profit of up to 90%. The high profitability rate is witnessed during high volatility. Bitcoin Edge boasts an average daily return of 18% in normal volatility.

An average daily return rate of 18% can generate a fortune from a small account when the daily returns are reinvested. Some Bitcoin Edge app reviewers allege earning tremendous profits through the compounding strategy.

This review will determine if Bitcoin Edge is a scam or a genuine and profitable robot. Only sign up with the Bitcoin Edge system after reading this review to the end.

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Bitcoin Edge Review Summary

We have analyzed enough data to conclude that Bitcoin Edge is trustworthy and profitable. A study of the many testimonials on the web shows that most find it profitable.

Bitcoin Edge claims to have the power to deliver daily profits of up to 90%. Most of the experts who have reviewed this bot report that it delivers an average daily profitability rate of 15%. We have gone through the reviews from verified Bitcoin Edge users and confirmed that it’s highly profitable.

Bitcoin Edge uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to implement HFT techniques. These techniques include short-selling and statistical arbitrage. Bitcoin Edge uses the short-selling technique to maintain profitability in falling crypto prices. The statistical arbitrage technique also ensures that the bot is profitable in all market conditions.

Bitcoin Edge is quite easy to use despite the sophisticated trading strategies. User feedback analysis reveals that most of the users reporting great success with this bot have never participated in any form of trading before.

Moreover, Bitcoin Edge is reviewed among the easiest and fun ways to make money online in 2022. Some of its users have described the trading experience with this bot as game-like. We have put Bitcoin Edge under thorough safety tests and concluded that it’s secure.

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Minimum depositUSD250
Potential profitabilityUp to 90%
Trading platformsWeb and Mobile
Withdrawal chargesUp to 10 free withdrawals per month
Maximum per withdrawal$20,000
Commission per profitable trade2%
Hidden feesNone
Partner broker regulationFCA, FSB, CySEC, ASIC
Platforms safetyMilitary-grade encryption

What is Bitcoin Edge?

You can make money on bitcoin in many ways. However, not all are accessible to the ordinary person. For instance, not everyone can mine bitcoin due to the heavy computing power required.

Heavy computing power translates to huge capital requirements. Today, only institutions with supercomputers can participate in mining. Also, bitcoin mining is no longer as profitable as it was back in the day.

Buying low and selling high, and trading manually is also complicated for the ordinary trading person. The easiest and most profitable way to invest in bitcoin is to trade it through an automated trading system.

Bitcoin Edge is among the most popular automated bitcoin trading systems in 2022. This trading system boasts very powerful AI-driven algorithms that generate signals with 90% accuracy. Bitcoin Edge has reportedly made tens of thousands of its users extremely wealthy.

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Is Bitcoin Edge a Scam?

We have thoroughly investigated Bitcoin Edge and didn’t find anything suspicious. This trading program is reputable and safe.

A simple Google search reveals that this bot is reviewed on leading crypto and mainstream platforms. The reviews are positive, with many giving testimonies of how this trading bot has changed their financial lives.

Some users claim to have joined the millionaires club through this trading bot. Bitcoin Prime has been around for nearly eight years, founded in 2015. It became an internet sensation during the crypto boom of 2016 due to its alleged profitability.

Bitcoin Edge reportedly made more millionaires in 2016 than any other robot. This trading robot has remained a top trend in the BTC category in most countries. The robot is trending number one in 2022 as users continue to report massive profitability in the ongoing crypto boom.

We have conducted a snapshot review on brokers backing Bitcoin Edge and found them safe. Most of the Bitcoin Edge partner brokers are reportedly FCA and ASIC regulated. The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) are the best regulatory bodies globally.

Bitcoin Edge guarantees 100% data privacy. This is because its website is secured through military-grade encryption, and it complies with global data privacy laws. These include the highly effective EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law.

  • Great reputation
  • Secure trading platforms
  • Transparent trading environment 
  • Well-regulated partner brokers
  • Safe trading environment

Bitcoin Edge App Review – Getting Started

You don’t have to do trading research or master technical trading platforms to succeed with Bitcoin Edge. This automated trading program is built with the complete beginner in mind.

The fact that it’s fully automated means that all the technical trading happens on autopilot. You only need to sign up, deposit trading capital set the bot for live trading, and click a live session button. Bitcoin Edge will trade for you and send regular progress notifications through email and SMS.

You don’t have to resign from your day job or spend sleepless nights using Bitcoin Edge. Setting the bot for live trading and ending a trading session only takes a few minutes. You need less than 20 minutes daily to set Bitcoin Edge for trading.

We strongly advise against checking your account now and then since this could cause excitement or anxiety. You are likely to be tempted to interrupt trading when excited or fearful. Use the stop loss and take profit features to determine when to predetermine when to end the trading sessions.

A guide is available on the Bitcoin Edge trading resources page to help you navigate through the settings. You will also find a link that leads to a demo platform. The demo gives a perfect simulation of live trading to help you master the platform without risking your capital.

Take at least an hour on the demo to be fully conversant with Bitcoin Edge live trading platform. In a nutshell, the steps to get you started with Bitcoin Edge are;

Registration of a trading account

Bitcoin Edge accepts registrations from up to 120 countries across the globe. You won’t register with this bot if you are in a country that prohibits crypto trading.

Some countries that have banned crypto trading include Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Qatar, Bangladesh, and China. Bitcoin Edge also doesn’t accept US clients due to the SEC ban on retail crypto trading.

A statement on the Bitcoin Edge website warns people from using VPNs to access the bot from unsupported countries.

Verification of the trading account

You verify your trading account by providing documentation to authenticate your identity. User identity verification is a global requirement for all financial institutions.

The verification is part of the global Know Your Customer (KYC) regulation. This regulation prevents money laundering and other forms of financial crimes. Bitcoin Edge relies on the underlying broker to verify the identities of all users.

The verification is quite easy. Upload a photo of your ID through the linked broker. The verification process could take hours to complete, but you are free to proceed to the next steps.

Deposit of the trading capital

The trading capital is what the bot uses to place bets on BTC volatility. You must deposit at least USD250 with the linked broker to access the Bitcoin Edge trading dashboard.

The deposit will reflect in your trading account within minutes of making the deposit. All the brokers supporting the Bitcoin Edge system allow account funding through Visa, Master Card, and Wire Transfer. Some brokers support e-wallets such as Neteller, WebMoney, and Skrill.

Demo trading

This step is extremely important. Failure to understand the settings could lead to costly mistakes during the live trading session.

The video on the Bitcoin Edge trading resources page explains the risk management process. This is the most important part of the settings. Watch the video carefully to understand the role of the Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) tools.

These tools influence the robot’s performance by defining the level of risk you are willing to accept per trade. The video explains these tools in layman’s terms. You will also find a risk appetite guide and test on this page.

The risk appetite test determines the level of risk per trade that suits your financial status and trading psychology. Use the Bitcoin Edge demo to try out different risk settings until you find the one that suits your risk appetite.

Live trading

You will find your way around Bitcoin Edge easily if you have dedicated enough time and attention to the previous step.

Live trading involves setting Bitcoin Edge to fit your risk appetite and clicking the “TRADE NOW” button to start trading. The robot algorithms will immediately get to work and start delivering results within minutes.

A closer look at Bitcoin Edge reviews reveals that many users are profitable from the first minute of trading. This trading bot takes advantage of small price movements hence the fast profitability.

Tips to hit the home run with Bitcoin Edge

Most people assume that they can’t influence the performance of Bitcoin Edge, given that it’s fully automated. However, this isn’t true.

We have gone through tens of experts reviews to determine some of the things that you can do to maximize your performance with this bot. You will find some amazing tips to help you hit the home run with Bitcoin Edge below.

  • Start small and reinvest returns for growth – Many of Bitcoin Edge success stories are from people who have reinvested the daily profits for growth. Starting small and taking the reinvestment route allows you the peace of mind to study the robot’s performance trends. This helps you maximize the events that bring a lot of volatility. Investing a lot of money at the start could result to fear hence clouding decision making.
  • Trade high volatility time zones – Some time zones have been identified to bring a lot of volatility in the crypto markets. These time zones include the New York time zone and the London time zone. The volatility is a result of intensive bitcoin derivatives trading on NASDAQ and LSE. You should trade from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM in either of the time zones. Close the trading session at 4:00 PM to avoid incurring rollover fees. Rollover fees are charged by the underlying broker for positions left open overnight, on weekends, and on public holidays.
  • Make use of the events calendar and news feed – You will find an events calendar on the Bitcoin Edge trading resources page. Use this calendar to identify and run the robot during special market events. These events trigger huge volatility hence maximizing Bitcoin Edge performance.

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Bitcoin Edge in the Fake News

Some fake news platforms are taking advantage of Bitcoin Edge’s popularity to create clickbait titles to divert traffic to clones.

The cloned sites masquerade as Bitcoin Edge to trick you into divulging sensitive personal information. It would be best if you were extra careful to avoid following the links that lead to these clones. Any post making the false claims as described below is likely to be used by the scammers to share links to the clones.

Bitcoin Edge Dragons Den

Dragons Den reality TV show airs on BBC in the UK, Canada, and Australia. The show is unique in each country and is watched by tens of millions of people across the globe.

Dragons Den features entrepreneurs with innovative ideas, pitching them to a panel of investors for funding. Each entrepreneur gets three minutes to convince the panellists to invest in their product.

The fake news posts claim that Bitcoin Edge was pitched on this show in 2017 and received $2 million in funding. However, this is a lie. Bitcoin Edge has released a statement warning the public against this fake news.

Bitcoin Edge Wallet Höhle der löwen

Höhle der löwen is the German version of the Dragons Den reality TV show. The show targets the German audience and has millions of followers.

Some posts claim that Bitcoin Edge wallet was featured on Höhle der Löwen in 2019. We can ascertain that this is fake news. Firstly, Bitcoin Edge is not a wallet. Secondly, this trading platform hasn’t raised any money from investors.

All the information about it in the public domain can be verified on its official website. We didn’t find any proof that it appeared on the Höhle der Löwen show. Please don’t take any information published on gossip blogs as true unless it’s confirmed on the official Bitcoin Edge website.

Bitcoin Edge Review – Final Word!

We have done all necessary to determine if Bitcoin Edge is a good investment. We are convinced that this trading bot is legitimate and profitable.

Bitcoin Edge is heavily reviewed on the web. A study of users and expert reviews indicate that it’s highly profitable. Bitcoin Edge is the most reviewed bot on Trustpilot and has the biggest community on Reddit.

This means that it’s highly trusted. We have gone through the user reviews to determine the general feedback. We conclude that Bitcoin Edge is super profitable and fun to use. Most of the users rate the robot 5-star on profitability, safety, and ease of use.

Some expert reviewers have described the trading experience with Bitcoin Edge as game-like. As stated earlier, the mission of Bitcoin Edge is to make crypto trading accessible to all. This trading bot claims to bring the profitability enjoyed by the big banks to the masses.

Its trading algorithms are reportedly built on the trading wisdom of the top 5 best Wall Street volatility traders. Wall Street is the world’s biggest financial hub and the host of leading banks and hedge funds.

We have tested Bitcoin Edge for safety and found it to be foolproof. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about the security of your data and funds when you invest with this bot. You can give Bitcoin Edge a try now by clicking the link below.

The robot could turn you into a bitcoin millionaire within a short time. However, you shouldn’t put all your savings in this bot since there is a possibility of losing money in a miscalculated move. The minimum trading capital of USD250 is a good starting point.


Does Bitcoin Edge offer a wallet?

Bitcoin Edge only offers trading services. This means that it doesn’t offer a wallet. A wallet is only provided by platforms that support the buying and storing of cryptos for long term investment.

Can I make money with Bitcoin Edge?

We have run Bitcoin Edge through several tests to determine if it’s profitable. Our investigation confirms that this bot has everything it takes to be super profitable. The awesome consumer reviews all over the web are enough proof of its legitimacy.

Can I use Bitcoin Edge on my smartphone?

You can use Bitcoin Edge on any smartphone, given that its web-trader is also available in the hybrid mobile app version. The Bitcoin Edge mobile download link is published at the bottom of the trading dashboard. You will also find this link in the welcome email.

Does Bitcoin Edge charge trading fees?

Trading fees in terms of highly competitive spreads apply on the side of the underlying broker. Bitcoin Edge only takes a commission of 2% on every profitable trade. The trading fees and commissions incurred when trading with this bot are insignificant given the potential profitability.

Is the Bitcoin Edge login page safe?

The Bitcoin Edge website is protected through high-grade encryption. This means that the login page is secure from all forms of cyberattacks. We didn’t find any security-related complaints from Bitcoin Edge users.

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